Parent’s Bittersweet Day


Today was bittersweet as I was registering my second (and last) for nursery school.

It feels like since the moment he was born time is going by at super sonic speed. I can’t stop how quickly both my kids are growing up and it really saddens me.

With my first, Gavin, things were so new and unfamiliar to us, we were just trying to survive as parents. I remember clearly how slow time seemed to pass when he was just an infant in chronic pain from reflux and colic. I hated it when people would say, “And this too shall pass.” Umm, it wasn’t passing and I was barely able to cope through new motherhood of sleep deprivation, separation from family and adapting to my new role as a feeding, nurturing, and loving mom. It was hard, but they were right, the difficult time did pass.

After going through a devastating year of three miscarriages, I was over the moon, when I knew that Blake would be my rainbow baby. I tried to soak up every second of him, as I knew that he would be my last child.

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All the infant stages were a bit different as we were on Gavin’s schedule. Blake was the little brother getting dragged along to all of Gavin’s activities, play dates and school functions. He never complained, in fact I think he loved it.

In the past 2 1/2 years they have formed an unbelievable bond. I love watching them play, fight and copy one another. They are best friends.


Today is bittersweet, as I know my role as a stay at home parent will soon change. Next fall will be a big year as I won’t have a baby or toddler by my side all day. I hope that Child Life Mommy will launch into a private practice and I can fill my day providing child life services, but still being a full-time parent.

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