Free Teddy Bear Clinic

Shani Thornton is a Certified Child Life Specialist that supports children coping with illness, trauma, loss, and transitions. She will be facilitating a hands-on learning workshop for families.

Young children can feel overwhelmed and fearful of medical and dental experiences. The teddy bear workshop is designed to educate and support families on useful tools that ease fears and trauma, strengthen advocacy skills, and provide them with a positive healthcare experience. Children are given an opportunity to play with real and pretend medical materials, which help them become familiarized with the tools and find a sense of control within the play.  Shani will also be there to validate emotions, clear up misconceptions, and teach coping strategies to help kids feel confident and well prepared for their next doctor and dentist visit.

When: Wednesday, September 21st at 10:15 am

Where: Loomis Basin Community Park South 3550 Ong Pl, Loomis, CA 95650

Who can join: This is open to the public. We encourage Placer County families with young children 0-5 years old to attend

If you have any questions, please email Shani at

Making Hospitalization a Little More Fun with Playtime Edventures

No more boring white hospital bed sheets for kids anymore. Let them interact and play with Playtime Edventures. I recall watching a small clip on social media about these therapeutic bedsheets and thought, “Wow, that is a genius idea!” I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to check out these bed sheets and share this amazing resource with you all.

Guest Blogger, Kevin Gatlin, Creator of Playtime Edventures

I created Playtime Bed Sheets for hospitalized kids and families. But soon realized they’re just what the doctor ordered for kids everywhere! Playtime Bed Sheets and Slumber Bags magically transform the bed into an exciting Edventure. The bedsheets come in three colors and have over 60 fun interactive games for kids to explore, play, learn, sleep, heal and just be kids on. Our Playtime Slumber Bags come in two colors and have over 25 interactive games to play. Providing the perfect sleep sack, play mat, and bed cover for kids to cozy up in. Best of all you can play all Playtime games with just Playtime Printable game pieces or coins. Playtime Bed Sheets, Slumber Bags, Pillowcases, and Disposables are the perfect alternative to excessive TV watching and electronic devices. They’re fun for the whole family.

Click here, to check out the three different variations for hospitals.


We will be giving away a Playtime Edventure bedsheet set to one lucky winner.

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Good Luck, the winner will be chosen on 8/13/22. Open to US and Canada residents.