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Moving In Forever: A Children’s Book That Helps Families Cope with Loss

How do you explain to children that a loved one is going to die? It’s complicated to find the right words to say while navigating the grief emotions. When I work with families, I often validate how hard it is to verbally use the words death and dying. The one piece of information that I provide is how important it is, to be honest with kids. Adults are often too fearful of telling them because they don’t think kids can handle it. The truth is, that children are incredibly resilient. When we provide safety, security, and a foundation of trust we are providing them with incredible supportive tools to manage the loss.

Incorporating children’s books can help families cope with those tough conversations. I am excited to share a newly published book, Moving In Forever that can help children understand a terminal prognosis, hospice, and death. This book has a gentle way of explaining loss with a spiritual connection to heaven.

Guest Blogger, Rebecca Wu, Author of Moving In Forever

Moving In Forever is a true story about love, kindness, grief, and remembering those who pass away. The story follows two nephews who take care of their terminally-ill aunt after she moves in with them.  The characters are relatable and show a child’s unfiltered love toward family as they process loss together.  The book highlights the power of authenticity and the strength of family.  When the author Rebecca Wu’s father-in-law passed away, she couldn’t find resources in the market that fitted her family’s needs, so she created one.  This special story not only fills a gap in children’s literature,  but it also pays tribute to Rebecca’s college roommate and her family, who were the inspiration for this book.

Who is it intended for?

This book supports hospice care workers, child life specialists, grief counselors, educators, and therapists.

As well as, families and children who are facing or have faced…

      • losing a loved one under hospice care or home hospice
      • the death of a loved one who was younger than expected to pass away
      • death of a loved one in the past as this helps to process past feelings and memories
      • taking care of a terminally-ill loved one

Moving In Forever is a book meant for sharing. Children don’t process death the same way adults do, and so it is important to support them and their feelings appropriately as they read this book. The first and second time should be read together.

Where to purchase?

You can purchase a copy at www.movinginforever.com. Non-profits can email rebecca@roosterandhenpress.com for tax-exempt invoicing.

Learn more from the website and be sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook.

We will be giving away a copy of Moving In Forever to one lucky winner.

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Good Luck, the winner will be chosen on 5/9/20.

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