If Grandma Were Here: Spotlight and Giveaway

I’m thrilled to introduce a new children’s book about grief and loss. If Grandma Were Here is a beautifully written book that helps young children feel validated with the loss of a loved one. The illustrations and theme of the story can help children find ways to continue to honor their loved ones after a loss.

Guest Blogger, Amber Bradbury author of If Grandma Were Here

If Grandma were here, what would you do together? Would you sing a song? Go on an amazing adventure? Or give each other a giant hug? Enjoy this treasure chest of memories filled with real, diverse characters! This is a perfect way for families who miss their grandma to remember her kindness and love.

Recommended for ages 3–7.

The Inspiration behind the book

Amber Bradbury was inspired to write “If Grandma Were Here,” by two very separate emotions… joy and sorrow. Joy in experiencing the loving relationships she had with her mother, great-grandmother, paternal and maternal grandmothers growing up in a very tight-knit family. And sorrow, due to two tragic losses. That of her own mother—from a random act of violence—and of her paternal grandmother in a car accident—that deprived her kids of all the experiences Amber wished they all could have had together if both were still alive today.

Realizing that such feelings of loss must be universal, Amber wanted to create a way for all children—especially those from diverse backgrounds and mixed families—to connect with the loving grandmothers and great-grandmothers who might have passed from this life, but could still be a part of theirs.

Knowing all too well how important it is to express emotions—especially those of grief—even with very young children, Amber strongly feels that books like hers can be truly cathartic for young readers and adults alike. Together they can relate to and experience how the sadness of loss can be uplifted by the happiness of knowing their loved ones are still very much with them, in their own hearts and minds, to share every new adventure as they grow up.

Where to Purchase

If Grandma Were Here is available at Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, and at Ifgrandmawerehere.com.

Author Bio:

Amber now juggles life as a writer in upstate New York with being a wife, mom, and caregiver to her father-in-law in a lively, multi-generational household that leaves little time for her other passion—photography—but does provide much inspiration for her newest book, “If Grandpa Were Here,” now in the works. She hopes everyone who has ever loved—and been loved—by a doting grandparent and great-grandparent will want to include both books in their personal libraries as a source of comfort, inspiration, and joy.

We will be giving away a copy of If Grandma Were Here and a handmade tote bag to one lucky winner.

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“Going to the Hospital. What Will I See?” Spotlight and Giveaway

Guest Blogger, Jaynie R Wood, Author of “Going to The Hospital.  What Will I See?”

This is a book to familiarize children and their families with the initial procedures when hospitalization becomes necessary. Hospital personnel is introduced and their tasks are described. Procedures and the reasons for those procedures are discussed. The patient learns what he can do to help the doctors and nurses. The people wearing funny clothes are highly skilled in helping your child feel better, and the child-friendly illustrations serve to aid in understanding the process. And as you will see, there are also reasons for big smiles during your stay in the hospital. It is well-documented that when patients are partners in their treatment, anxiety is lessened and recuperation time is often more rapid.

About the Author:

The concept for much of my life started when I was four and I was poked 23 times for an IV start. That moment changed my perspective forever. That was my first open-heart surgery.

Years later I was around 13, having another surgery in the intensive care unit.  Another young patient saw that I was in tears and came over to me. She told me a story of a prince on a hill and in the end, everything turned out just fine.

I still have the picture and I remember her name was Wanda. Wanda had cancer, And I learned soon after I left the hospital that Wanda did not survive. Fast forward a few years later and I was back in the hospital again for another heart surgery, and I coded. I remember waking up and seeing an angel up in the window behind me. I wasn’t scared, I just felt very comforted with the fact that they were there and watching out for me.

Later in my life, I started a child life program at a hospital in Santa Barbara, California. No one told me how difficult it was to start a program from scratch. I just put one foot in front of the other, wrote a grant, and started the program.

Helping children through their hospital experience has been my mission.

When I wrote the book I  was both a Certified Child Life Specialist and a Pet Therapy Handler. The illustrator asked what character I wanted to be in the book because I couldn’t be both. I chose to be the character of the Certified Child Life Specialist. However, the pet therapy dog in the book needed to look exactly like my dog, a big giant lovable Leonberger.

And so, the book was born. It was a labor of love for myself, the editor, and the illustrator. My wish is that it could find the way into the hearts of those who need it most.

We will be giving away a copy of “Going to the Hospital. What Will I See?” to one lucky winner.

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Am I a Unicorn? Spotlight and Giveaway

It’s March, so Happy Child Life Month!

I love to celebrate by featuring some amazing new resources and including giveaways. I’m kicking it off with one of my favorite authors, Stephanie Sorkin. She has been featured before, so be sure to check out her previous guest post.

Stephanie has written a new children’s book, Am I a Unicorn? that is perfect for children ages 3 to 8.

Am I a Unicorn is a wonderful story written in rhyme about a unicorn that breaks its horn and grapples with the feelings of being unique and different. Can the unicorn still be a unicorn without its most definitive feature? The story touches on self-esteem and diversity and ultimately teaches the important lesson of accepting one’s individuality.  “When your OUTERcorn doesn’t match your INNERcorn…a story is born! Join us as a unicorn finds the answer to this very important issue.”

You can purchase your copy at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble.

Author Bio

Stephanie Sorkin is the award-winning author of “Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel”, “Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces” and “Frenemy Jane, the Sometimes Friend”. A member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Ms. Sorkin donates a portion of her books proceeds to various charities supporting children.

Ms. Sorkin has appeared in the New York Times Style Section and written numerous articles for national publications.

As a food allergy advocate, she spends her time visiting schools in the tri-state area, discussing the inspiration behind her books and the importance of creativity.  For more information or to inquire about a school visit, please visit www.stephaniesorkin.com  

You can find her on social media @stephsorkin

We will be giving away a copy of “Am I a Unicorn?” to one lucky winner.

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