Am I a Unicorn? Spotlight and Giveaway

It’s March, so Happy Child Life Month!

I love to celebrate by featuring some amazing new resources and including giveaways. I’m kicking it off with one of my favorite authors, Stephanie Sorkin. She has been featured before, so be sure to check out her previous guest post.

Stephanie has written a new children’s book, Am I a Unicorn? that is perfect for children ages 3 to 8.

Am I a Unicorn is a wonderful story written in rhyme about a unicorn that breaks its horn and grapples with the feelings of being unique and different. Can the unicorn still be a unicorn without its most definitive feature? The story touches on self-esteem and diversity and ultimately teaches the important lesson of accepting one’s individuality.  “When your OUTERcorn doesn’t match your INNERcorn…a story is born! Join us as a unicorn finds the answer to this very important issue.”

You can purchase your copy at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble.

Author Bio

Stephanie Sorkin is the award-winning author of “Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel”, “Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces” and “Frenemy Jane, the Sometimes Friend”. A member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Ms. Sorkin donates a portion of her books proceeds to various charities supporting children.

Ms. Sorkin has appeared in the New York Times Style Section and written numerous articles for national publications.

As a food allergy advocate, she spends her time visiting schools in the tri-state area, discussing the inspiration behind her books and the importance of creativity.  For more information or to inquire about a school visit, please visit  

You can find her on social media @stephsorkin

We will be giving away a copy of “Am I a Unicorn?” to one lucky winner.

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Feelings are Flags: Spotlight and Giveaway

This past year has been incredibly challenging. We have all been dealing with grief over the loss of normalcy, routines, social interactions, and family traditions. Some may have also experienced the loss of a loved one during the pandemic. Children have been trying to navigate this new normal with uncertainties and constant change. One way to help children cope is to name and validate their emotions. They need to feel understood and have an outlet to express themselves.

I often incorporate books when working with children. Staying within the metaphor, children feel validated and can learn valuable coping skills. I’m excited to share a new children’s book with you today, Feelings are Flags. It is a lovely children’s book that is written by a local author in my community.

Guest Blogger, Abigail Morales author of Feelings Are Flags

“Sometimes life is full of big feelings. They swell up in our chests and take over our dealings.” This is a sensation every person knows. Big or small, young or old, everyone has feelings. But why do we have them? What are they for? And most importantly, how do we make the big, bossy ones move along? These are great questions! Emotional management is an important skill for everyone to learn. Feelings Are Flags was written to help enable young children to identify why they have feelings and how to use them in a productive way.

It is the first in a series written for my own children. The current social and emotional climate has left them struggling, making it important that I speak in a more purposeful way so as to direct the conversation specifically towards habits and approaches that might alleviate the burden. Somewhere along the way, they evolved into picture books aimed at 4 – 8-year-olds. Through the lessons and coping mechanisms depicted within the series, I hope to encourage healthy emotional development so that children might grow to enjoy bright futures.

Purchase your copy today and be sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Author Bio
Abigail Morales is a new independently published author primarily focused on children’s development, living in California with her husband and their three children.

We will be giving away a copy of Feelings are Flags to one lucky winner.

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Moving In Forever: A Children’s Book That Helps Families Cope with Loss

How do you explain to children that a loved one is going to die? It’s complicated to find the right words to say while navigating the grief emotions. When I work with families, I often validate how hard it is to verbally use the words death and dying. The one piece of information that I provide is how important it is, to be honest with kids. Adults are often too fearful of telling them because they don’t think kids can handle it. The truth is, that children are incredibly resilient. When we provide safety, security, and a foundation of trust we are providing them with incredible supportive tools to manage the loss.

Incorporating children’s books can help families cope with those tough conversations. I am excited to share a newly published book, Moving In Forever that can help children understand a terminal prognosis, hospice, and death. This book has a gentle way of explaining loss with a spiritual connection to heaven.

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