Helping Children Understand Depression: The Black Cloud Blues, Spotlight and Giveaway

As parents we want to protect our kids from pain, but sometimes it is out of our control. Depression is a really challenging emotion that is complex and difficult to understand, even for adults. I was excited to learn about a new children’s book, The Black Cloud Blues, that is providing validation and tools to help kids cope with depression. It is a great resources to be added to your home, school, or pediatric setting.

black cloud blues cover

Guest Blogger, Christine A. Emery author of The Black Cloud Blues

Let me tell you about The Black Cloud Blues.

It’s about me. I’m the one under the cloud.

It may also be about you. Let me ask a question.

Are you sad and feeling blue? Are there storm clouds following you?

The Black Cloud Blues is how I got rid of my cloud.

I could not do it by myself, though. I tried, and tried, and tried.

It was not till I sang out my blues that help came in an unexpected way.

A bluebird heard my song for help and did just that.

Wherever there is one bluebird, others are not far behind.

Birds of a feather, STRONGER TOGETHER!

My cloud never stood a chance.

The Black Cloud Blues is a good way to introduce the difficult subject of depression while encouraging children to seek help with their emotional needs, because going it alone doesn’t work. As someone who has had to break the generational cycle of depression, I found it important to add the genetic component. Hopefully, it will help children understand the burden is not on themselves alone. Others, even those in their own family, can and do go through the same thing. My Goal in The Black Cloud Blues is to help take away the stigma of depression and open dialogue. Truly, we are STRONGER TOGETHER!

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 7.00.11 AM

Author Bio: Christine A. Emery has been a children’s entertainer for over 15 years. Storytelling, face painting, balloons, and magic are just some of the ways she spreads joy and laughter, always with an encouraging, positive message. She loves adventures and treasure hunts.Her most valuable treasure is her supportive, loving husband, Brian, and her four wonderful amazing children, Joshua, Zachary, Kellie, and Josiah.


Black Cloud Blues Giveaway

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Bubbles and Bandaids: Spotlight and Giveaway

Bubbles and Bandaids

Child life specialists have been discussing dress code policies for years. Should we wear scrubs, business casual, or have uniforms? Our job requires us to move a lot, play and create with art and sometimes get an unexpected surprise of a child’s bodily fluids.

So what should we wear that is comfortable, washable and provides others with an idea of our role? Bubbles and Bandaids has solved that problem. I’m so excited to share the dynamic duo, Betsy and Carissa, who created this company and are now helping child life specialists enjoy apparel both in and out of work.

Guest Blogger, Carissa from Bubbles and Bandaids

How Bubbles and Bandaids started:

Betsy and I met 8-9 years ago at work. We were both working as child life specialists at a local children’s hospital in Southern, Ca. Betsy has been in child life for 10 years and I have been in the field for fifteen. Work and family took Betsy out of state, but we were able to reconnect at the 2018 ACLP conference. We had a discussion about the lack of child life apparel and decided something needed to be done. We came up with our name that same night and then began dreaming and planning.

Bubbles and Bandaids 2.jpg

What’s in the shop?

We currently offer 5 shirt designs. They are all original by our designer, Jaye. We share our idea/vision and he brings it to life. Our goal is to offer quality shirts that can be worn both at work and play! Along with our shirts we also have a great badge reel and lanyard.

All of our designs are currently available. Pre-orders will run October 10-20th and then shirts will ship beginning of November. Our first batch of shirts sold out quick, so we are trying something new with pre-orders to ensure everyone gets the size they want/need. These make great gifts for the holidays and starting new internships, so be sure to click here and get your gear.

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Children’s Book Spotlight and Giveaway: “The Day That A Ran Away”

I am excited to feature a second book from children’s author, B.C.R. Fegan. I had previously shared, Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32,  which is still one of my son’s favorite nightly reads. We added to his collection with, The Day That A Ran Away, which is perfect for starting his new school year.

The Day That A Ran Away

Guest Blogger, TaleBlade Press

Book Description

While Mrs May is checking her students’ homework, she notices that Jet hasn’t managed to write down the letters of the alphabet. Instead of providing a familiar excuse, Jet offers Mrs May an elaborate story about how every letter happened to leave his page while he was walking to school that morning.

The Day That A Ran Away clearly and cleverly moves through the alphabet from A to Z. Each page has a number of items to find and the simple rhyme on each page will help readers remember the letter sequence. The story also touches gently on the concept of homework and the importance of making an effort.

The Day That A Ran Away will be available September 1st, 2018 in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and ePub through all major online retailers.

The Day That A Ran Away Giveaway .jpg

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