Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brooklynn Bunny! Picture Book Giveaway


The picture book Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brookylnn Bunny! combines appealing illustrations with a fun story that encourages children to persist in achieving long-term goals and to cooperate with wearing an orthopedic brace.

This upbeat story is about Brooklynn, a little bunny who loves to hop. Brooklynn wears a brace at night, but she is determined to learn how to hop rope in time for the Hippity Hop Games. Armed with hop rope rhymes and a can-do attitude, Brooklynn shows that persistence pays off and can be a lot of fun.

Co-authored by Jill Harold, the parent of a child in treatment for clubfoot, and Betsy Miller, the author of The Parents’ Guide to Clubfoot, this joint project focuses on the whole child (or whole bunny) working toward a positive outcome over time. Whether it’s jumping rope, or wearing a brace, the message of this book is to keep trying.

This story is an example of how the specific speaks to the universal. Though this book has special meaning to children who wear a brace, any child can enjoy this book and appreciate how Brooklynn achieves her goal. Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brooklynn Bunny! is geared toward children two to five years of age. It is available in paperback and hardback editions, with ebook and audiobook editions coming soon.

Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brooklynn Bunny, Authors

Authors: Jill Harold and Betsy Miller

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Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brooklynn Bunny Giveaway

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