The Purple Grumblies Children’s Series: Spotlight and Giveaway

Continuing our celebration of child life month with a spotlight on a fantastic children’s series, The  Purple Grumblies.

The Purple Grumblies are not swashbuckling heroes. They can’t run. They’re all thumbs when it comes to lifting or climbing anything. They’re just plain awkward, small, grumpy, and… purple!

And yet… these underdogs manage to outwit their adversaries time and time again. How do they do it? I wanted to create anti-heroes with a conscience; to show how brain overcomes brawn and how little Davids can defeat any number of giant Goliaths. Good must always triumph over evil.

The Grumblies may waddle and bumble their way through adventure after adventure, but they are lovable, kind, simple characters, always ready to help others. Each new adventure leads on, one from another. They will challenge the reader to wonder what’s next. There are many surprises ahead!


The Purple Grumblies Save the Whales 3-Part Adventure

Part One: Bumboo is Back: A whale has washed up on Volcano Island and the Purple Grumblies don’t know what to do. What’s even worse is the whale’s baby, Spout, is caught in the fishermen’s net. Can the Grumblies rescue Spout? 

Part Two: Battle CryThe Grumblies decide on an all out attack on the fishing trawler that has captured Kaylani’s baby. The Skyrats and Percy are there to help but can they defeat the whale hunters?

Part Three: Kaylani’s Haven: The exciting climax of this three-part adventure. Can the Purple Grumblies save the whales? The outcome is in doubt right to the end.

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We will be giving away  The Purple Grumblies Save the Whales 3-Part Adventure to one lucky winner! Choose one or more ways to enter:

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Good Luck! Winner will be chosen 3/7/17

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