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The Fox and the Feather: A Children’s Book for the Grieving Heart, Spotlight and Giveaway

Explaining death to children can feel complicated, scary, and overwhelming. Providing honest information in words that children can developmentally understand while avoiding euphemisms is key. Incorporating books, therapeutic activities, and play can help children process death and have a safe space for expression.

I’m thrilled to share a newly published children’s book that is supporting the grief process for children and families.

Guest Blogger, Kendall Lanning, Author of The Fox and the Feather: A children’s book for the grieving heart.

The Fox and Cardinal are best friends. One day the Cardinal explains that he, “is sick and dying.” Although the Fox is sad and crying, the Cardinal reminds him to look for signs. One of those signs is a feather to assure they will always be together. The Fox comforts the Cardinal with his favorite scarf and says, “goodnight.” At sunrise, the Fox waves good-bye to his best friend. The Fox would then find feathers as a reminder that the Cardinal is flying above him, although he cannot see him.

The intention of this book is to enhance conversations of remembrance, in the hopes to give peace to the grieving heart in knowing that their loved one is still with them. It also has resources and developmental responses to grief in the back of the book, which is a great resource for parents and caregivers.


“I just wanted to reach out and thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing a book that touched our family so deeply.  Explaining to our six-year-old that her grandpa will visit her in signs is exactly what we wanted to share with her and it has started such meaningful conversations in our little family.  I can’t say enough positive things – thanks so much. ”

Therapeutic Activities

There are several therapeutic activities that can follow the theme of the book, such as the scarf and puppet activity. 

Where to Purchase

The Fox and the Feather are available at Amazon.

Author Bio

Kendall Lanning is a Certified Child Life Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Energy Worker, and Author/Illustrator.  She finds her creative outlet through painting and was intuitively guided to write and illustrate a children’s book that will help children cope with death and grief.

Through her personal yoga journey, she found a deep connection to her spiritual path, allowing the space for self-care, healing, and intention setting. She listens to the signs and messages from spirit and is hoping to share that gift through this book.  The intention of this book is to enhance conversations of remembrance, in the hopes to give peace to the grieving heart in knowing that their loved one is still with them.

We will be giving away a grief package to one lucky winner. It will include a signed copy of The Fox and the Feather, a memory box, and therapeutic activity.

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Good luck, the winner will be chosen by 1/9/21.

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