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Walli-Kids: Spotlight and Giveaway


Guest Blogger, Patricia Montouchet from Walli-Kids

We would like to share with you the Walli-Kids products which are on their way to becoming a child life specialists’ best friend.

The medical environment is not where a kid would like to be and yet… for so many, it could be a long-lived stay, a transition or for most of them a brief stop, but nonetheless it will always be an intimidating source of stress and anxiety.

Kids need to remain kids in any situation. How can we help them sail through hospital hardship?

Young patients are very sensitive to their environment, it should be colorful and playful because, after all, laughter is the best sound to hear in medical surroundings. We believe that hospitals decoration is often rich and tasteful but not always to the children’s register.

Take a look at our colorful, playful and detailed oriented wall decoration…

Walli-Kids Collage.jpg

When creating our designs, we always keep in mind that vivid colors are vital in a child’s universe and also that art is a proven morale and recovery booster in a medical environment.

Everything in our wall art helps a kid step into another surrounding…

Can he or she help Myrtle the Turtle find her friends?


With the child life specialist’s help and attention, a kid will smile again and for a while forget the “misfortune”.

Our numerous designs are reverse printed on a 1/8 inch thick clear acrylic material for a sharp, colorful and durable product.

Every child life specialist who shares a child’s world knows the importance of playful activities and how to help a child focus on any of them.

In any situation where stress, anxiety, and pain are likely, our activity posters can help:

  • Change a child’s attitude in a positive way
  • Offer the child life specialist a canvas for questions, make-believe stories…
  • Initiate an easy communication between the child and nurses, doctors, caregivers
  • As the child is busy spying the artwork, the caregiver’s task is easier and quicker.
  • Bonding between the young patient and his family while looking together for hidden objects or animals in the poster.

This is why Walli-Kids offer Lap-Posters which are a small, lap size (12” x10”) of our large activity-posters. They come in a set of 4 assorted pieces and are printed on rigid styrene which makes it a cinch to wipe them clean when done.

For more information check our website at www.wallikids.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. To make a purchase contact us at sales@wallikids.com or give us a call at 770-361-3778.

Walli-Kids Giveaway.jpg

Choose one or more ways to enter to win 4 Walli-Kids Lap Posters.

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Winner will be chosen on 9/17/17.

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