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Tips to Help Kids Take Medication

Do your kids run and hide when you tell them it’s time to take their medicine? Or do they just refuse, scream, cry and spit it back out?

I have been there as both a parent and as a child life specialist.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Kids need to feel a sense of control. Provide as many choices as you can.
  • Don’t say “Are you ready to take your medicine?” Their answer will be, “NO!” Instead say “It’s time to take your medicine, what would you like to take it with? Water or juice?”
  • Have them decorate the syringe or medicine cup with a sticker of their favorite IMG_0436character. You can say, “Wow, Spiderman is going to help you take your medicine.”
  • If possible, let the child chose the form of the medication. (Liquid Tylenol or chewable Tylenol)
  • Let the child squirt the medication in their mouth (practice before with water)
  • Let the child lick a lollipop or popsicle to mask the flavor of the medication.
  • Play it out- through medical play, syringe painting or syringe water play

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