It’s Time For Your Checkup

"It's Time For Your Checkup" by Shani Thornton, MS, CCLSMany parents struggle with how to get their child ready for a doctor visit. They may not know what to say or if they should say anything at all.

I have created a preparation book to help ease anxiety for everyone involved. It is a wonderful tool to use before and after a checkup. It is filled with photographs and explanations using the five senses to teach children what will occur during a wellness visit, including vaccinations and a blood test. Choice making, comfort positions, coping and distraction strategies are all discussed to help children and parents feel safe and in control.

It is a great book for new parents, medical personnel, teachers and kids. Get your copy today, available in both paperback and digital format.

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Book Reviews (courteously of Amazon)

“As a Child Life Specialist student I follow Shani Thornton on social media and I always find her posts very helpful and inspirational. This book will be very helpful in my future career, I especially enjoyed the coping strategies at the end for each age group. The author did a great job explaining each procedure thoroughly while using soft language. She put a strong emphasis on comfort positions, redirection techniques, giving the child control of being able to watch or not, and being honest with your children. It is definitely a must read!”

Sarah Sayles
Utica College, Psychology Child Life, Child Life Specialist

“This is a kiss…keep it short, sweet, and simple with extremely powerful information! It is easy to understand and explain at the same time. After reading this I feel like an expert in the subject and at the same time I also feel like a qualified teacher of the subject. As they say, we learn on the job teaching our children and this book exactly represents that while I was learning, my child was learning too! This is a perfect book to purchase in volume for new Mom and Dads as it is very reasonably priced AND it includes prime shipping.”

Sue S.

“This book is such a useful resource for any parent with little kids! It’s never easy to take our children to the doctor and this book guides the reader through insightful tips and information that is very helpful in making the experience more comfortable for both the child and the parent. I appreciate the knowledge the author has from her own experience in her work as a Child Life Specialist.”

Chris Carter

“I appreciate that it was written by a child life specialist and can be used by professionals, parents and as a resource in a waiting area or for clinics. The information is basic which makes it easy to read and understand. This could be a nice tool to utilize in immunization clinics to have an open dialogue between parents and children to prepare them for the experience.”

Stephanie Steed

“Finally there is a book that parents can read to their kids to prepare them for the doctor! The boys fears, concerns and anxieties were lessened by having something to relate to in the story. My doctor visits have improved so much! Can’t wait to get this book for my cousins new baby. What a great useful baby shower gift!”

Carolyn Barry

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