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Spotlight and Giveaway on PlayopolisToys®

Looking to fill your playroom, coping kit and classroom with some amazing new toys this holiday season? Then you are going to love PlayopolisToys®. They value inclusive play and sell developmental, distraction, and sensory toys for the diverse needs of all Citizens of Play.


PlayopolisToys® sells toys that engage the senses and invite open-ended, child directed play. Through play children develop skills: cause and effect, eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive and language, problem solving, and social skills. Children learn while playing. They explore what’s at hand, whether a puddle of muddy water after a rain or a pile of blocks. They assess possibilities, experiment, review, and adapt their plan based upon their experiences. When playing with others, children sharpen their social skills, learn to communicate, negotiate and cooperate.

Because we know that play builds bridges among children with diverse abilities, we sell toys that appeal to and work well for a wide range of abilities and preferences. Inclusive play reduces social isolation among children with disabilities and raises awareness among the more typically developing. A classic childhood activity for enhancing fine motor skills is coloring.
Play Color 2-1
ColorSENSEation books feature raised line drawings perfect for use with crayons, markers, or color pencils. Ideal for the visually impaired; these spiral bound coloring books benefit anyone working to develop fine motor control or who simply learns best through touch.
Play reduces stress in children (and their adults.) PlayopolisToys® sells distraction toys that enable children to turn their attention away from stressful situations and immerse themselves in play. These toys invite children of all ages to escape and explore, enabling them to cope.
TS meteor storm-1
Meteor Storm is our most popular distraction toy. To activate a continuously changing light display, a child must press and hold down the button. Letting go turns off the light. Focusing on the light show with its low hum and having control over the on/off switch delights the senses and alleviates stress. Distraction toys also often work well for short circuiting a meltdown or disruptive behavior.
Our toys are used by child life specialists, special educators, and families throughout the United States and Canada. They are available online at www.PlayopolisToys.com and can be shipped to destinations outside North America by contacting us at info@PlayopolisToys.com or by telephone at 626.792.2380.
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Playopolis Giveaway
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