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Serving Our Community: Child Life in Private Practice

Serving Our Community

Yes, the time has finally come to officially announce the launch of my private practice in child life services.

It seems a bit odd to announce it, as I was always providing services in a non-traditional way. Since the creation of Child Life Mommy, 2 1/2 years ago, I have been building the foundation for my practice without really knowing it.

My stepping-stones of creating a child life and parenting blog, self-publishing a children’s book, presenting at conferences, co-teaching a child life graduate course and networking with other amazing professionals and parents have helped pave my professional path.

There is a large gap in service to provide continued support to children and families once discharged from the hospital. Children who have suffered trauma from an illness, injury or loss (death, divorce, relocation), kids who have a sibling with a health care condition or special needs and children with a parent or caregiver with a medical diagnosis, all need continued psychosocial and emotional support.

Child life is the antidote!

I’m eager to take on this new role and watch the ripple effects occur. I’m lucky enough to have built a rapport with amazing child life colleagues that are also in community based programs. I have learned tremendously from them and feel confident to take the plunge myself.

I am based in Long Island, New York, serving families in the surrounding area of NYC and Nassau County. I will be providing home visits for children and families and educational workshops to parents, caregivers, medical professionals and teachers at their sites.

Click here to learn more about the workshops and individual sessions and feel free to email me at ChildLifeMommy@gmail.com.

Thank you to everyone that has supported this journey of mine. I appreciate all the comments, follows, likes and emails that you send out. You have inspired me to take on this challenge. 🙂

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