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Perinatal Hospice

മലയാളം: വെള്ളിലത്തോഴി എന്ന ശലഭം

I came across this video on Butterfly Footprints Facebook page and it brought me to tears.

It is amazing to see the family centered care approach from the medical team in helping a family through the loss of their newborn baby. It is a beautiful video of how things should be dealt with in this very emotional, tragic and devastating experience.

I have family members who lost their child and never were able to have that sacred time with their baby; to hold, love, take photos and make hand/foot prints. They have nothing tangible to hold on to; no clothing, no blanket, nothing. I am sure that if this type of service and care was provided they may have been able to grieve in a more healthy way.

As a child life specialist, I worked with families in similar situations. Family centered care approach means that you will always honor, support and respect the family’s wishes.

Warning, it can be difficult to watch but it is incredibly touching.


How to Help a Parent Cope with the Loss of a Baby

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