Patches and The Feelings Tree: Spotlight and Giveaway

We all know how challenging it can be for children to name and express their feelings, especially when they are faced with traumatizing events. When they have the proper guidance and therapeutic strategies, their resilience can shine through.

I am excited to introduce Kathylee Forrester, the creator of Patches the Bear and author of Patches and The Feelings Tree, two valuable resources to help children understand their emotions.

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With an entrepreneurial spirit and a messenger of hope, AngelicPreneur Kathylee Forrester and her popular, adorable creation, Patches the Bear, empower children with a pocketful of feelings. More recently, Kathylee has become a published author of the wonderful new children’s book, “Patches and The Feelings Tree”. Kathylee has provided an award winning, nationally recognized, voice and advocacy for children for over two decades.


One of the biggest blessings that happened for Kathylee and Patches the Bear, was to become part of Child Life at the, Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, (CHOP). Patches the Bear has been giving out fuzzy hugs since 2007 at CHOP, while assisting Child Life Specialists working with their patients and talking about feelings. While Patches the Bear and the new children’s book, Patches and The Feelings Tree, is applicable to all children, not only Children’s Hospital, finding a home at CHOP is amazing and such a sweet gift and blessing for all involved.


To learn more about Patches the Bear and the story of how Patches met that pocketful of feelings, please watch the video, “Patches and The Feelings Tree.”

All children need to know how to name and express their feelings and Patches the Bear and his new children’s book are a wonderful way to start that journey.

To learn more, check out Patches Kids or follow Kathylee on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog at Teddy Bear Hopes

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To celebrate Child Life Month we will be giving away a hardback and audio copy of Patches and The Feelings Tree.

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