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Helping Children Understand Depression: The Black Cloud Blues, Spotlight and Giveaway

As parents, we want to protect our kids from pain, but sometimes it is out of our control. Depression is a really challenging emotion that is complex and difficult to understand, even for adults. I was excited to learn about a new children’s book, The Black Cloud Blues, that is providing validation and tools to help kids cope with depression. It is a great resource to be added to your home, school, or pediatric setting.

Guest Blogger, Christine A. Emery author of The Black Cloud Blues

Let me tell you about The Black Cloud Blues.

It’s about me. I’m the one under the cloud.

It may also be about you. Let me ask a question.

Are you sad and feeling blue? Are there storm clouds following you?

The Black Cloud Blues is how I got rid of my cloud.

I could not do it by myself, though. I tried, and tried, and tried.

It was not till I sang out my blues that help came in an unexpected way.

A bluebird heard my song for help and did just that.

Wherever there is one bluebird, others are not far behind.

Birds of a feather, STRONGER TOGETHER!

My cloud never stood a chance.

The Black Cloud Blues is a good way to introduce the difficult subject of depression while encouraging children to seek help with their emotional needs because going it alone doesn’t work. As someone who has had to break the generational cycle of depression, I found it important to add the genetic component. Hopefully, it will help children understand the burden is not on themselves alone. Others, even those in their own family, can and do go through the same thing. My Goal in The Black Cloud Blues is to help take away the stigma of depression and open dialogue. Truly, we are STRONGER TOGETHER!

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Author Bio: Christine A. Emery has been a children’s entertainer for over 15 years. Storytelling, face painting, balloons, and magic are just some of the ways she spreads joy and laughter, always with an encouraging, positive message. She loves adventures and treasure hunts. Her most valuable treasure is her supportive, loving husband, Brian, and her four wonderful amazing children, Joshua, Zachary, Kellie, and Josiah.


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