Working Moms: How to Prepare Dinner on a Limited Schedule


Guest Blogger, Lizzie Weakley

One of the most common challenges for working moms is having the time to prepare dinner on a limited schedule. Many women find themselves rushing to the store and scrambling to put together a proper meal for their family while making a few mistakes along the way. To ensure that you can make a great dinner while on a time crunch, there are a few important tips to practice.

Prep the Food Ahead of Time

It takes a significant amount of time to peel the carrots or chop the onions when making a meal at night after you’ve spent a long day at the office. Save time by prepping the ingredients the night before or on the weekend to ensure that it’s ready to throw together and will still be fresh.

Purchase Pre-Made Ingredients

Instead of spending several minutes chopping up the garlic or boiling water to make hard boiled eggs, opt for purchasing ingredients that are already pre-made at a local grocery store. Opt for buying hard boiled eggs at the store or garlic that is already chopped to ensure that you can toss it in the pan and still make a home cooked meal.

Freeze Dinner in Advance

Take advantage of your free time on the weekend to make your dinners in advance and freeze the meals before they’re made on specific days of the week. You can make homemade lasagna or a casserole by preparing it in a dish and cooking it in the oven once you get home from work.

Use Easy Sides

You can make dinner in minutes by focusing your attention on the main dish and relying on sides that are already baked to complete the dinner. Opt for options like potato buns from a company like Klosterman Baking Company or a pre-made salad from your favorite restaurant in the area. This will make it easy to avoid cutting corners on the meal and making a main dish that is unforgettable.

It can be easy to feel limited with your schedule when it comes to preparing food for your family. Although it can be easy to get take-out, there are several options that are available to ensure that you can make a homemade meal that tastes delicious. With the right steps taken, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you family can enjoy a nutritious meal at the dinner table each night while spending more time together.

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