Who needs toys? It’s all about the box!

Children have an amazing imagination. They can become so in depth with their play and create a world that is much cooler than their reality.

Why do we go crazy on buying toys when they end up playing with the box that it was packaged in?

My kids are no exception. When we get a packaged delivered (usually from California Gramy) they go nuts. They pull everything out, investigate it all and then you see the twinkle in their eye.

IMG_0410 (2)

Hmm, that box looks like a really great race car or police station or chair. The box is played with for several days and worn out to the point that it doesn’t need to be broken down for recyle anymore.



There is a classic book titled, Christina Katerina and The Box. It is a great book about the endless use of a box and diving into a child’s imagination. It is one of my son’s favorite bedtime stories.


Play is the universal language for a child. It is the way they begin to understand their environment and learn about others and themselves. Using loose parts such as the box, children can explore and use their imagination. This type of play will contribute to their growth and development.

So don’t throw out the box, instead get on the floor and enter your child’s world.

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