Therapeutic Infant Toy Review: Nurture Smart Crib Mobile

Nurture Smart Crib Mobile

Hospitals provide infants and children with therapeutic toys to foster their growth and development, however they are often faced with challenges on acceptable items due to infection control policies.

I’m excited to feature Nurture Smart Crib Mobile on the blog today as they are helping to fill that gap in service for pediatric patients.

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Recently, infection control has dramatically impacted the types of toys and therapy tools that child life specialists and pediatric nurses can uses for children while they stay in the hospital. The problem hospitals and other clinical settings have is that any toy or other product shared across children must be disinfected. This eliminates or restricts the ability to use products with cloth/plush materials or products that are not designed to seal cavities where bacteria or a virus can grow. With the help and feedback from Certified Child Life Specialists and Psychologists we were able to create a one of a kind product that meets the needs of the clinical environment.

The Nurture Smart Crib Mobile is the most advanced crib mobile available. Its award winning, patented design possesses a suite of features that promote safety, cognitive growth, and sensory development. It is also the only crib mobile that is completely cleanable able to be disinfected, which makes it ideal for a hospitals and other multi-child environments.

Some of it’s unique features include:

  • Fully cleanable and disinfectable
  • Two-sided rotating visual panels. (3 black & white and 3 color)
  • Engaging domed mirror
  • Adjustable height for visual acuity
  • Five soothing and stimulating sound choices
  • Night light that projects start on the ceiling.
  • Adjustable arm that is moves out of the way for easy access to the infant
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has no removable parts that could be lost or fall into the crib.

If you would like to order the Nurture Smart Mobile please go to our website www.MoreThanPlay.com. If you require a Purchase Order please contact mbarber@playabilitytoys.com or call us at 866-204-8863. We will also have a booth at the Association for Child Life Professions 35th Annual Conference in May, stop by and check out our product first hand.

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