The Text That Put Me in Shock on “Wear Red Day”


As I was stumbling out of bed at 6am to the cries of “mama”, I grabbed my cell phone and headed downstairs to start our morning ritual with coffee, milk, toast and Thomas the Train. I looked down at my phone and saw a text message from a good friend of mine and college roommate. I grabbed my glasses to read what it said. “I had a heart attack. I’m FINE and in the hospital.”

Umm, What????

Seriously, I couldn’t quite compute what I was reading, with my head swirling with so many questions and concerns, I re-wrote my text message three times to her. I didn’t want to flood her with questions, as I was sure that is exactly what everyone was doing, including herself. I sent her a message filled with as much empathy, support, love and healing powers that I could possibly send through a mobile device, but it was really just all being pumped through my heart to connect with hers.

Today happens to be National Wear Red Day, in providing awareness about heart disease and supporting the women who have been effected by it. How ironic?

My friend, at the age of 33 has had a heart attack. As she was walking alone down a busy San Francisco street she recognized the early onset signs of going into cardiac arrest. She asked a man to help her call 911 and stay with her during this extremely frightening and painful experience.

-Chest pain that she has never experienced before

-Sharp pain traveling down her arm


The paramedics arrived and she remembers most of the ride to the hospital, except for the part when she went into cardiac arrest and needed to be shocked and have chest compressions done to her. Could you imagine? She woke up and was extremely scared.

She is now stable, being monitored and having multiple tests done to find out the cause. The doctor told her that knowing the signs and acting on it, helped save her life.

You wouldn’t think that something like this could happen to someone you know, or to someone so young, but it does.

My dear friend, Serena is a diehard Niners and Giants fan. A young woman with more fiends than a rock star. She lives life to the fullest, travels the world and loves to laugh. I want nothing more for her, than to get the answers that she needs with a full recovery. She is an amazing friend, who I love very much.


Spread the word on recognizing the signs of a stroke or heart attack. Educate yourself, co-workers, friends and family. You could save a life, as my friend did for herself.

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