The Reality of a Snow Day

Being stuck indoors with two little boys ALL DAY from the non-stop snow fall has given me a beat down.

The day was filled with putting together a kitchen set, while two little boys did their best to “help” and shout at me to hurry up. This would have been an easier task, if the areas that required a screw would have been given a hole to do so.

photo 1-10photo 2-7

Of course the kids became bored because I wasn’t quick enough and they began to get into trouble. I handed them some crayons and let them play with the box. Two minutes later they grabbed the extra screwdrivers and were beating the crap out of the box.

photo 3-5

There was some arguing, fighting and my eye was nearly stabbed from the little one throwing the screwdriver at my face, but the kitchen set was complete. Well almost, still can’t find two missing screws. I don’t think they were even in the box to begin with.

After the eye injury, it was time for Blake to take a nap. It was much earlier than when he normally goes down, but it was obvious that he needed it.

Rest time for all of us came to an end after an hour. An hour, really kid? You have been up since 5:30am and you slept for an hour? Awesome!

It is now 11am and I am already dreading what the rest of the day will look like. I didn’t want the kids glued to the TV or IPad, so I made every effort to keep them busy with real play.

After lunch there was a small meltdown from Gavin on where he wanted the kitchen set. He was determined to drag it into the dinning room which he has turned into his hideout a few days earlier. Whatever. Drag it in and have fun.

photo 5-2

The boys played for a bit while I cleaned and started laundry.

The snow was still coming down hard and I still hadn’t gone out to retrieve the garbage can. Oh, how I miss my sunny California weather. Thankfully we have some amazing neighbors, who did their best to shovel us out. My boys recognized their good gesture and complimented on what they were doing. I thought to myself, I hope my kids will grow up to do the same for others.

photo 3-4

We planted love beans, played restaurant and a game of hide and seek. They boys entertained each other while I folded laundry and put the Christmas boxes away in the attic. Yeah, I know. I couldn’t wait any longer for my busy husband, so I just tackled it myself.

Dinner time was fast approaching and I was getting excited. Bedtime would be just around the corner! The kids dressed up as chefs and made their own personal english muffin pizzas. I was hoping that they would be more inclined to eat if they had fun making it. Hmm, kind of.

photo 1-11

photo 2-8

We played more restaurant, put on jammies and watched Chugginton together.


Blake drank his milk and watched about five minutes of TV and then began his nightly ritual of running in circles before he crashes in his crib. Tonight was no different expect he slammed his face right into the wall. Oh yeah, nice little shiner.

photo 4-3

Hugs, kisses and bedtime at last. I can now change my clothes from pajamas all day to a new pair of clean pajamas. I have to say that even though this was a very long day with fighting, crying and meltdowns it was also filled with plenty of giggles, smiles and fun memories made. I know that the clock is ticking and my special time with my little monsters will end soon, so I try to enjoy the ride of being a stay at home parent for as long as I can.

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