The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has Superhero Strength


How amazing is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? I love that it is bringing so much awareness to an incurable illness. It is getting people talking, donating and sharing compassion to families that have been affected. Hopefully, with all the superhero strength of support, a cure will be found.

It can be a stepping stone for other health related organizations to think outside of the box when fundraising and making changes. Hmm, I see potential for child life specialists to get involved and make some noise for the illnesses that their pediatric patients and families are facing.

So of course I was challenged and I accepted it. Having two small kids pour water on their mom, was a challenge in itself. The first time around my two-year accidentally dumped it on himself and fell to tears, while my five-year old wanted to chuck ice cubes at my face. Thank god, it wasn’t on film!

Round two:

So are you going to take the challenge and donate to ALS?

Click here to learn more about ALS

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