Helping Kids Cope with a Loved One’s iIllness: Spotlight and Giveaway of Mooshu Worries

When a family member is diagnosed with an illness it impacts the whole family. Adults, teens and young children try to make sense of these new challenges and cope with complicated emotions. Parents often struggle with explanations of the illness and treatments to young children. Our guest blogger today has faced similar struggles and created a wonderful resource to help others.

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5 Ways to Help Children Cope with Loss and Death

Guest Blogger, Brooke Chaplan

Childhood is a wonderful time when it often seems as though nothing could go wrong. Unfortunately, children often lose their loved ones and pets, and the first death that they experience can be heart-wrenching. For a young child, it might not make sense that someone could be there one day and then be gone the next. They may also struggle as they work through the different stages of grief. After a loss, be sure to review this information that will help your child make it through the grieving process.

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Bilingual Book Supporting Children Through Grief, Loss and Separation

It can be incredibly challenging for families to navigate loss, trauma, and separation. Using a children’s book that has a storyline that resonates with kids can be therapeutic. As a Certified Child Life Specialist, I often engage kids in bibliotherapy and then follow up with an activity for self-expression. It is amazing to witness a child’s empowerment when they feel a sense of validation, normalcy, and control.

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