Spotlight and Giveaway on The Adventures of Frank and Mustard

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 I am very excited to introduce Simon Calcavechia, the author of The Adventures of Frank and Mustard, a children’s book that empowers kids to overcome challenges.

In 2002, I moved to Australia to follow my dream of playing rugby.  After my third game of the season, I was injured in a scrum leaving me with c5/6 quadriplegia.  Several years after the injury, I graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts.  After graduating, I spent most of my time volunteering with preschool children which inspired me to write about “The Adventures of Frank and Mustard“.  The book stars a dog with wheels for back legs and his best buddy Mustard. The idea behind the book was designed to allow me to share my experiences with quadriplegia and spread disability awareness. The message in the book inspires optimism and strength for life’s obstacles. We hope that in sharing these stories, children will see that they have the choice to see challenges as opportunities for growth. These books will emphasize the power to create love, joy and strength in response to life’s events.

With the book, I am also finding new ways to reach out to all kinds of people. One of those ways is through motivational speaking. I have talked to audiences as young as pre-k as well as audiences that are much older than me. Recently, I spoke to Capital High school students. The librarian said this about my visit:

“Simon, you rocked in all three classes today: English, Advanced Marketing and Leadership. Your message of the power of volunteerism, the spirit of adventures, and the ambition to follow your passions will be remembered by all. Thanks for selflessly sharing with us!” – Kristi Bonds – Capital High School Librarian

My dream is to continue on this path with the goal of inspiring people of all ages to live up to their full potential. The bottom line is that I would love to share this journey with as many people as possible.

To learn more check out FrankandMustard.com and follow on Facebook.

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