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Sandwiched Series: Caring for the Sandwiched Generation

We often think about child-rearing and caregiving for an older adult as separate responsibilities that occur in different seasons of life. However, across the nation, approximately 11 million “Sandwich Generation” caregivers simultaneously attend to the needs of their children and an aging loved one while balancing a career, household, and their own health. What happens when working adults must negotiate the demands of intergenerational care within their households? COVID-19 has only intensified the struggles associated with this unenviable position. Sandwich Generation caregivers may feel even more squeezed during the pandemic and unsure of how to manage their own survival.

“Sandwiched” is a series that addresses the specific challenges “Sandwich Generation” caregivers face. Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center has teamed up with Certified Child Life Specialist Shani Thornton, MS to facilitate these FREE workshops.

Learn how to:

  • Engage in self-care

  • Foster healthy attachments at home

  • Ease children’s fear and anxiety related to COVID-19

  • Help children understand the disease progression of a sick or disabled loved one

  • Find support and develop coping strategies in a new world of social distancing

Each week you will have access to tip videos with content related to building new skills as a parent and caregiver. Following the release of the videos, Ms. Thornton will facilitate a specialized support group where you can discuss the week’s topic and connect with peers in similar situations. You can opt to participate in some or all of the sessions, depending on your needs.

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Session 1: Caring for the Sandwiched Generation Caregiver, 11/12/20

Session 2: Helping Kids Cope: Toddlers/Preschoolers, 11/19/20

Session 3: Helping Kids Cope: School-Aged Children, 12/3/20

Session 4: Helping Kids Cope: Adolescents, 12/10/20

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