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Parent’s Getaway: My Top 5 Highlights!


Wow, it had been four years since my husband and I took a little trip together without any kids. Wait a second, it had been four years since I took a vacation from work!

Yes, when you are a stay at home parent, you don’t get any sick days, over time, holidays off or vacations. You are on the clock 24/7, even a family vacation requires you to work harder because you aren’t equipped with the office supplies.

Four long years….wow!

My amazing dad offered to watch the boys so we could getaway and celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. He flew all the way from California, not really knowing his way around or the kid’s schedules. He was so brave!

After a detailed list of pick ups/drop off times, emergency numbers and medication dosages he was ready to roll and so were we.

We headed to Washington D.C. and took the tourist route, checking out the National Mall, monuments, museums and catching a baseball game. It was so much fun….


but here are my top 5 highlights.

1. The car ride- 5 hours in the car was a breeze. Seriously, not having to referee, stop every thirty minutes, pass out snacks, and listening to the radio instead of a Music Together cd was awesome!

2. Sleeping in- what? I didn’t have to bring Gavin downstairs to watch TV with a bowl of Cheerios at 5:45am. AWESOME!

3. Not schlepping kid crap- I was stroller free as I carried my beautiful handbag, that was not filled with snacks, boogie wipes or a milk cup.

4. Dinner at 8pm- We got to eat at a normal “adult time” and stayed longer than thirty minutes. I actually remember what I ate at each meal and savored the taste. Delicious.

5. Wine please- yes, another glass would be wonderful. I can get rocked if I chose and didn’t have to worry about driving or taking care of kids while hungover at 5:45am! Just give the bottle, thanks!

We earned this trip, well really I earned this trip!

I came home to hugs, kisses and three new pets! Thanks papa, you are awesome! We will be calling you in 6 months!


So, when are you planning your parent’s getaway?

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