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How to Prevent Burn Out

So we have all been there, completely burned out from work, school, parenting, family stress, relationships and the to do list that never gets shorter.


Do you talk about wanting to do something to help reduce the stress but haven’t committed to it yet? Do you put everyone and everything before your own needs? The inevitable will happen if you fall into those bad habits. Your body becomes run down, your emotions are scattered, there will be a lack in your performance in work or school and most importantly the example that you are leading for your kids isn’t a healthy one.

If you know me, than you know where you will find me nearly everyday of the week. That’s13453583-gym-rat right, not the mall, not the bar, not in a bookstore, but at the gym. I am a gym rat. I love to challenge myself on the free weight floor, cardio mix class or on strength training equipment like Purmotion or TRX. This is where I go to release the stress and clear my head.

I realize that the gym isn’t for everybody, but I do think that finding something that will release your stress is necessary. So think about an activity or hobby that will help you prevent yourself from becoming burned out. Maybe it’s running, blogging, reading, knitting, scrapbooking or meditation. Whatever you desire, commit to it and see the difference in your stress level. You may need to get a few extra hands to watch the kids or take them to an after school activity while you get your time. Put yourself first. It’s not selfish, if anything it’s selfless. You will be able to balance your life much better, parent with more control, increase your energy level, and be able to focus and perform much better at work and school.

So, what are you going to commit to?

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