Honoring EAK

The tragedy of losing your child is unthinkable. Losing all of your children in one horrific event is unimaginable. How can a parent continue living when their whole world has come to an end?

My heart aches for the Hance family. Living in the same small community with them, I feel a deeper connection to them. This whole town does. Actually I think this whole country does. Anyone who has heard their story can feel for this family.

Last night, Jackie Hance spoke publicly for the first time with Ann Curry on Rock Centre. Hearing her own words with the struggle that she went through to find a way to go one was incredibly emotional. She spoke about how her friends were her rocks and provided endless support. I thought it was amazing that she had such an intense, dedicated inner circle. They encouraged her to have another baby and help fill the empty void. Jackie did become pregnant again and welcomed a baby girl, Kasey. She spoke about how “she brings a heartbeat back to this house again…she brought us back to life.” How amazing is that. I am so happy to hear that they have hope, love and feel a sense of purpose in life.

The Hance Family Foundation was set up to honor their three daughters, Emma, Alyson, and Katie. They developed a program called Beautiful Me to promote self-esteem in young girls and educate people on the importance of building oneself up.

Jackie Hance wrote a book, I’ll See You Again and the profits will help to support their foundation. I plan on reading this book as I know so many others are. This book sounds incredibly powerful, telling her story of the love that she has for her girls and the courage to continue on.

I think we can all learn something from Jackie and Warren. We can honor their girls by loving more and living life to the fullest.

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