Helping kids get comfortable wearing a mask during COVID-19

Many communities are strongly recommending children and adults to wear masks while out in public. Here are some quick tips to help your kids cope with this new change.

  • Explain what COVID-19 is in simple language that they can understand.
  • Provide opportunities to play and get comfortable with the mask.
  • Give lots of choices.
    • Materials to use
    • Color and design options
    • Decorating
  • Validate their emotions and normalize them.
    • “It is frustrating that we have to wear masks.”
    • “I’m sad too that we have to do this.”

Here is a fun Mask Coloring Page that can also be used to help kids cope with this new experience. If your child has to go to the doctor, they will see medical providers wearing similar protective masks. This is an Activity Sheet that can prepare kids while providing opportunities to feel validated.

Animal coloring sheet created by Sarah Nunnally
Activity sheet created by Emma Fratangelo, MS, CCLS & Stephen Browne

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2 thoughts on “Helping kids get comfortable wearing a mask during COVID-19

  • A great video! I would love to hear you address special considerations for children with sensory issues. I just ordered the monkeys in a barrel game because I saw a post about using the monkeys as clips to safe wear and tear on our ears.

    • Thanks Deb for the feedback. Yes, I have seen some great tools out there to support children with sensory needs. I recently saw a post of a parent that sewed a button to her son’s hat, so the elastic straps on the mask won’t touch his ears.