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Helping Kids Cope with a Loved One’s iIllness: Spotlight and Giveaway of Mooshu Worries

When a family member is diagnosed with an illness it impacts the whole family. Adults, teens and young children try to make sense of these new challenges and cope with complicated emotions. Parents often struggle with explanations of the illness and treatments to young children. Our guest blogger today has faced similar struggles and created a wonderful resource to help others.

Guest Blogger, Yona Diamond Dansky, author of Mooshu Worries

Everyone can relate to this book, since we all worry, and we all know about getting sick. The book is written for children ages 3 – 8. After Mom gets sick, looking at the household chaos through a beloved pet dog’s eyes provides comfort and understanding of what is happening all around and inside, without being too close and painful. There are elements of compassion, and Mooshu even has a dog friend who is sharing a similar experience.

What inspired you to write the book?

Mooshu Worries was inspired by my daughter Mia, and her journey through chemo and radiation with a 3-year-old, my grandson (J). There was chaos in the household, and though he doesn’t remember it now, it deeply affected him at the time. He was frightened and confused. Being educators, both my daughter Mia and I looked to children’s picture books help. J loved books and easily sat through a read-aloud of every book we found, but would not sit for a second reading. Many of the books were in-your-face about cancer—understanding what it is, about losing hair, etc. That was nine years ago. I had images in my mind of writing a book that would be more comforting, perhaps viewing the experience through a dog’s eyes, so as to be a bit easier.  I suppose I was also considering how it felt to be the family pet, Mooshu, who often stayed under the dining room table, watching everything happen around him, and waiting patiently for his next walk.

Who is this book best suited for?

This book is for every child, as everyone experiences illness from time to time. It is most appropriate for children ages 3-8, and children who are in a family where a parent or other family member has a serious or chronic illness. We often focus on the person who is ill, and the children and caregivers are often overlooked.

Where to purchase?

You can purchase a paperback copy of Mooshu Worries on Amazon or at Mooshustories.com. Bulk orders can be purchased through Lara Paparo (717-925-7511), of Owl Publishing, info@owlpublishing.com. Be sure to check out the resource page that offers activities to go along with the story.

We will be giving away a free copy to one lucky winner. Choose one or more ways to enter:

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Good Luck! The winner will be chosen on 1/17/20.


About the Author/Illustrator: Yona Diamond Dansky is a lifelong educator in inner-city and suburban districts in the Philadelphia area.  Mooshu Worries is her first children’s book. Almost every family has been touched in some way by illness and can relate to this story, inspired by her three-year-old grandson’s journey through his mom’s — Yona’s daughter’s – diagnosis and successful cancer treatment. You can follow Yona on Instagram at @Ydansky.







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