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From Disconnect to Reconnect

I just got back from an amazing family vacation. While I was there I decided to disconnect virtually. I put away my cell phone, didn’t take out my lap top and tried to just soak in as much of the in the moment, real life with my family.

At first my husband did it too, but by day four he was back to his phone reading the news, emails and stock options.

I did snap a few photos on my phone and uploaded them to Facebook but that was pretty much it.  I have to say it was nice not having the urge to answer the “ding” of a new text message or email. There was less stress. Maybe it was because I didn’t feel like I needed to post something new on my blog or read the latest in the news. Or maybe it was just because I had a “no worries” attitude and just relaxed while I was vacationing. Whatever the reason my stress level was decreased.



Don’t get me wrong though, there was still the parenting stress. You know the one filled with kids not listening, time outs, meltdowns, runaways, ear infections, molars cutting, sharing, overtired kids and time zone adjustments. This would also be the reason we could not get one photo of all four kids smiling for the camera.


I would suggest that people try and stop the strong connection that we have with the virtual world and try to rebuild and sustain a strong connection with our real life world. When I did this I captured so many more special moments with my kids, niece and nephew that I may have missed by looking down at my phone or lap top. It was so nice to feel like a kid with them; playing tag, princess, super heroes and football.


I feel such a strong connection with my family even though they live across the country. I think family vacations like this one just validate how much love we have for one another.

I will connect back into the virtual world but I will try to limit my time especially when around others.

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