Creative Expression in the Tech World


As Child Life Specialists we are always looking for creative ways to help our patients and families express themselves. Living in such a tech-savvy world, we can use smartphones, tablets, and music as a tool to help facilitate their thoughts and feelings.

There have been many creative videos done from the perspective of the patient. Talia Castellano made a huge impact on the world through her video blogs on dealing with cancer and her love for fashion and makeup. She was able to express her artistic side and feel a sense of normalcy in being a teenager. Her legacy continues on after she lost her battle to neuroblastoma on July 16, 2013.

Another great video that sticks out in my mind is Kelly Clarkson’s song, Stronger created at Seattle Children’s Hospital. It shows an incredible amount of resiliency that the children have as they battle through treatment.

A recent one that I came across was the cup song from Pitch Perfect. The patient, Carmen changed the lyrics to the fight and defeat of her cancer.

Families, friends, and loved ones can also express their feelings of coping with someone’s illness. It allows them to show their support in the virtual world in a private or public message. Think about how amazing the person receiving the message would feel.

So as crazy as I am, I created my own video with my two young boys today. It is dedicated to a dear friend of mine Deb Vilas, who is a leader in the child life field and battling breast cancer. She is always staying optimistic and uses humor as a great way to release her anger with her illness.

The creativity that can come from the tech world is endless. So what are you going to create with your patients, kids or just yourself? Have fun!

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