Book Review – Flowers and Bubbles

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I had the pleasure to meet with Allison C. Siegel at The All Kids Fair this past spring. She is a social worker and author of a newly published children’s book titled, Flowers and Bubbles: A Story About Coping With Anger and Frustration

When I read it to my boys they loved it and so did I! This is a valuable resource for any parent, educator, child life specialist, or professional working with kids.

Here is a little bit about Allison and her fabulous book:


My name is Allison C. Siegel, L.M.S.W and I am the author of the children’s book Flowers and Bubbles: A Story About Coping with Anger and Frustration.

As an Elementary School Social Worker, I read books to my students about ways to cope with the many emotions we have each day. Many stories I have shared with my students describe the hard to handle emotions and ways to cope, but few provide a teachable visual component. I find the strategies that are most effective are those that are linked with a visual so the children can relate to the action and remember how to use the strategy in the future. I know this book will be a great addition to any child’s bookshelf. Any child can relate to Charlie, his struggle with his own frustration and his helpful strategy of smelling flowers and blowing bubbles. He learns what a deep breath really looks and feels like. A common strategy for both adults and children is to take deep breaths, but just the basic direction for children might be a bit confusing. This book will help children learn how to take a deep breath in and out by using a visual of smelling flowers and blowing bubbles. Nana expresses to breathe in slowly to “smell the goodness” and Grandpa Sol shows how to blow bubbles nice and slow so they don’t pop. The strategies provided in the story will help children with the appropriate coping skills they need to cool off. Providing visuals are useful tools to help make lasting impressions on children.

To learn more about Allison, click here

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Allison will also be promoting her book at the Bank Street Bookstore on October 25th at 10:30am. Stop by and say hello.


“As a Supervisor in a Special Education School with an emotionally disturbed population, I have a front row seat to all different forms of anger and frustration. This book is perfect for those students who need to work on strategies for controlling those emotions. The vocabulary in this book are the exact words we use with our students on a daily basis..quiet corner, cool down, choice time, better choices…there is also a great section for adults at the end of the book which present strategies that can be used not only in the classroom but at home as well. Excellent for any parent or educator who may have an emotional child.”

  • Sal T., Special Education School Supervisor

“As a Special Education teacher, I have observed amazing responses from my students while reading the story. With both the language and the illustrations, the students are getting a better understanding of how to cope with their emotions. This is a great purchase to help children learn the skills to deal with anger and frustration. I love every time I read it.”

  • Nicole N.

“As a Speech-Language Pathologist, my focus is on improving children’s communication needs. I am so happy with this book. It is an amazing teaching tool for children with pragmatic/social/emotional needs!! I can’t think of a better way to help children make connections to these important concepts (and adults as well). I may need to go back and buy another copy!”

  • Amy K., Speech and Language Pathologist

“I teach 5th grade and my students loved the book! They easily related to the story and have even referred to the book when they felt as though they were getting frustrated and needed to calm themselves down. It is beautifully illustrated and so well written that it truly appeals to all elementary grades. I look forward to sharing more books from this terrific author with my class!”

  • Jeanne C., Fifth Grade Teacher

“I am a teacher and this is an amazing tool for teaching anger management to young students. The illustrations by themselves tell a story with such color and creativity. Today I read it to my first grade class and after each page my students had wonderful predictions and insight as to what “Charlie Boy” should and will do next. I also read it to my 3 year old grandson and he noticed and commented about each and every beautiful illustration that accompanies the beautifully written text. This book is “keepsake” quality!”

  • Alan S., First Grade Teacher

“Lovely story and beautifully illustrated story for kids about a topic that doesn’t always get enough attention. Reading this story in a classroom or at home can introduce good discussion with your kids.”

  • Miriam M.

“I read this to my class. They loved the story and easily grasped the concept of taking deep breaths and blowing out to release anger. We read it early in the day and by the afternoon I asked the children what they could do to calm themselves down. “Take a deep breath in like you’re smelling flowers!” they excitedly told me. “Blow out like you’re trying to blow a big bubble.” Thank you so much for this wonderful book! I can’t wait to see what your next one is!”

  • Deborah S., Teacher

“I am in college and read it to my younger cousin. It worked magic! As a college student, it even helped me remember how to deal with the anxiety that comes with my studies. A must-buy!”

  • Stephanie W. , College Student


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