Book Review: But Why? Lupus


Looking for a book to help explain Lupus to children? This is a wonderful tool that will help start the dialogue and safely support children’s emotions. It is a resource that should be added to any home library or pediatric facility. Child life specialists, this is a must in your programs!

Here is a little bit about the book and the But Why? series

But Why? Lupus explores a young person’s experience with the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) more specifically, lupus nephritis, SLE. This thoughtful book explores the stages from diagnosis through remission by allowing the reader to enter the lives of one family. The beautiful illustrations, created by artist Kristy Green, add a depiction of each stage, and there’s even an opportunity for the reader to add his or her own color too!

This is the first book in the But Why? book series. This series will provide factual information about different childhood chronic illnesses and coping methods in a relatable and easy to understand format. It is intended to spark family interaction and open discussion regarding the prognosis and treatment of different illnesses. Other books in the series will include juvenile diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Tourette’s Syndrome, and more. A portion of the proceeds from each book sale will be donated to charity.


The author, Alexis Rizzuto has spent thirteen years in education, the last five of which were spent teaching Literacy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in English from SUNY New Patlz and holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Seton Hall University. Alexis was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, SLE in 1994. Since then, she has been dreaming of the day when she could help newly diagnosed patients understand their disease. She hopes to help patients explain their disease to others, even their children, as she intends to do with her own. Alexis currently resides in New Jersey with her husband Rick, their twins, and their chocolate lab.

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