Binky Fail



I just tried to take the binky away from my nearly 2 1/2 year-old.


He is a pacifier lover at bed time, as it soothes him right to sleep. I have been planning on getting rid of them for a while now, but needed to wait until the right time in our chaotic schedules.

I decided that nap time would be a good start for today, so I took them all away (7 or so) and told him that they will go to the baby next door. He agreed until I shut his bedroom door.

Ugh! I caved after several minutes and just gave him one.

He passed right out.

This afternoon he told our neighbor that he would give his binkies to their granddaughter. She was delighted and praised him.

As bedtime approached he placed the binky in a ziplock bag and placed it in the neighbors’s mailbox. Then said, “bye, bye.”

We headed home and he knew he had me.

Every time I tried to leave his room, he screamed for the binky. I caved in after an hour and a half of fulfilling every other request, water, potty, singing, rocking, more stuffed animals, saying good night to the dog, everything!

I ran next door and got the binky.

He shoved it his mouth, turned off his bedroom light and told me night, night.


Looks like this will be a big challenge for us. I plan on incorporating it into stories and during play, hopefully he will work through the future separation.

Thoughts or suggestions?

15 thoughts on “Binky Fail

  • Neither of mine liked the pacifier, but my daughter is absolutely addicted to drinking a sippy cup of warm milk to bed each night. She refuses to go to sleep without it and she just turned three. Looks like we are in the same boat, and I admit to be failing terribly!! 🙂

    • Ha! I know I’m not alone, thank god! I think it is funny that we try so hard to have the baby take the binky and then have to try twice as hard to get rid of it. We will see what happens…

  • Love the honesty- these things are really tough! When you get rid of the binky hop on over to my house and get my 4 year old’s thumb out of her mouth please! I know of a friend who got so tired of her son talking around the binky she chucked it out the car window (I am NOT condoning littering!). My initial thought was “how traumatizing!”, but now I am wishing I could toss the thumb out the window 🙂

  • My oldest daughter turned 2 in July and I took a binky away from her when she turned 2. We are still going through exactly the same thing. She has stopped taking a nap since then. She still cries, asks me for potty, water….when she goes to bed, but I did not give her binky back to her. Anyway, one of my friends told me that she tried to take a binky away from her 3 year old son by taking him to a store and buy a toy with ‘binky’. So just like you buy things at stores with money, buy a toy with she talked to him about it and asked him if he wanted to do that. At the store he actually handed his binky to the cashier to ‘buy’ a toy (the cashier threw his binky away). I thought that’s an awesome idea! I didn’t get to do this to my daughter, but this might be one of things you could try to your son!?

  • Our son stopped using a pacifier out of the blue. It was almost like one day he was using them and then the next he wasn’t. However, if his nightly ritual of not going to sleep until I lay next to him doesn’t stop, I’ll gladly take up a pacifier again.

    • Haha, Yes, that sounds amazing to have him just stop using it on his own. However, I really wouldn’t want to take up the habit of him falling asleep only when we lay next to him. Ugh, good luck with that. You might need to go to build a bear and make a stuffed daddy to have lay next too. 😉

  • Just before my daughter’s first birthday, she fell and bumped her front tooth, knocking it loose and damaging the tooth and surrounding gums. The dentist said that she needed to stop sucking, EVERYTHING, until it healed. So, overnight I had to wean her of the last daily breastfeeding I was hanging onto, her binky and bottles. She was pretty much done with breastfeeding and bottles, but the binky was her favorite!! Some wise person suggested cutting the tip of the binky off. I did this, gave her the binky and laid her down to sleep. I watched from the doorway to see what would happen. She attempted to suck the binky, pulled it out and looked at it several times and ended up falling asleep with it in her hand. The next day she did the same thing, but this time she threw it across the room, rolled over and fell asleep. 🙂 Best of luck!! This is a tough one for sure!!

    • Umm, funny you say this. I took a little break from trying to get rid of it because we were traveling cross country. Now that we are home he is obsessed with it again trying to sneak it out of the crib when he is tired. I plan on cutting the tip off in the next week or so. Figured it could be geadual, but who knows maybe I will change my mind. I’m sure the meltdown will be horrific. I’m dreaading it.