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Announcing new services for child life professionals: Reflective Supervision

Guest Blogger, Korie Leigh, PhD, CCLS, CT, FMCHC from Expressive Coping 

I am excited to share that I am expanding my private practice to include offering clinical supervision and coaching to child life professionals that are seeking to deepen and expand their clinical practice. All of my services are offered online, so no need to worry about dealing with traffic or finding parking to work with me.

Are you feeling stuck and have ‘run out of ideas’ for working with patients?

Are you feeling a sense of burnout, compassion fatigue, or a generalized lack of morale in your position?

Do you want to learn how to harness your strengths and utilize them in new ways that will benefit the children and families you work with?

Are you a 1 person program, early career child life specialist, or transitioning to a new population within child life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, have you ever considered how reflective based clinical supervision could help meet your needs?

Why would I want reflective clinical supervision, you may ask? It’s a valid question- other than during internship there are very few opportunities for the child life professional to seek out and utilize supervision.  In fact, there is currently no standard of practice that requires the child life professional to obtain clinical supervision. Yet, in my experience, which spans 15 years, I have found that receiving good supervision was what allowed me to deepen my clinical skill set.

In my practice, I utilize what is called ‘reflective’ supervision and invite my clients into a dialogue that extends beyond the day to day work of a child life specialist.

But I already have supervision, how is this different?

For those of you that DO have supervision, how often have you experienced the following situation?

Once a month or maybe twice a month you have supervision. During this time, you have a laundry list of items to bring up, many of them are tasks regarding sitting on committees, holiday planning, or many day to day operations.  Sometimes you get around to discussing the patients you are working with and even when that does happen, you always run out of time.

Or, those of you who report to someone other than a child life professional; maybe a nurse manager is your supervisor.  Do you find that your ‘supervision’ time is spent advocating for your role or ‘putting out fires’?

And, how about the 1 person programs? What does your supervision look like? Do you even have anyone? Are you satisfied with the level of clinical support you are receiving?

In my practice, we utilize inquiry and reflective based practices to deeply understand the intersection of your work and life; how to bring balance to each; how to deepen and expand your child life ‘tool kit’; how to cultivate practices that will allow you to leave work at work and thrive in your personal life.

If this sounds interesting to you please, feel free to email me to set up a free discovery session  at drkorieleigh@gmail.com


Korie Leigh, PhD, CCLS, CT, FMCHC



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