All Kids at Play

Have you ever been to a playground that is accessible to all children? A playground that offers an inclusive environment for children with special needs or who may use a wheelchair?  A space that allows children to have the freedom to play with one another without limitations?

There is a playground in our town created from the LATCP. They designed a play space in a large community park in Nassau county that has been open for a little over two years.

The area is gated, with several play structures for different developmental age groups. It is colorful and inviting with wide sidewalks that connect to all areas. There is soft padding under all structures and several pieces of the equipment that is wheelchair accessible.

We brought our kids here last weekend to enjoy a beautiful fall day.

Here are a few pictures of this amazing space.











One of the things I noticed about this space is that it incorporates a variety of ways to include all children and help stimulate an array of their senses. There is a music spot that kids can jump on, pound or roll over. There is a large sand box and table. There are structures to help with gross and fine motor skills. There are reclined, suspended and rotating seats to allow children with low muscle tone to play.

Most of all, I thought that this is a great place for parents and caregivers to converse and build friendships with others who visit the park.

Does your community have something like this?

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