5 Tips When Traveling With Kids


Whether you are a frequent traveler or rarely make it out of town, the thought of traveling with your kids could put a damper on the whole experience. However, if you are well prepared for road trip or plane ride, you may be shocked by how smoothly it could go.

Here are 5 great tips to make your travel experience enjoyable with little ones.

1. Pack Entertainment: Each child should have their own source of endless activities that could be played in a small space. Crayons, action figurines, journals, handheld games, cars, play dough, playing cards, are a few ideas. Sometimes rummaging through the house to find activities that they haven’t played with in a long time will spark their interest or purchase a few times at a dollar store.


2. Pack for Downtime: IPads and portable dvd players with their favorite movies or TV shows. Sometimes purchasing a new movie right before the trip will hold their attention span longer. Also think about books, music, headphones, blankets, pacifiers and stuffed animals. They may feel so relaxed that they take a nap.


3. Snack Attack: Low blood sugar will cause kids to go haywire. Make sure you pack enough snacks and drinks, both healthy and sweet to get them through the trip. Lollipops and gum are useful tricks to help ease ear discomfort for a plane’s takeoff and landing.


4. Cleanliness and Comfort: Before sitting down and getting comfortable on the plane seat, wipe and sanitize everything that your kids would touch with antibacterial wipes. Germs are everywhere and the plane could be a petri-dish for it all. Remember to wipe the seat belts, arm rests, drop down table and window. Also pack extra clothes for yourself and the kids. Spills and accidents may occur and a change of clothes would be necessary.


5. Move Around: Getting up and moving around will help a child’s mind and body feel better. Take frequent stops from a long car ride or a short walk down the plane’s aisle. They will get a chance to explore, stretch and make it easier for them to sit down for the homestretch.


It may seem like a lot to pack for a carry on or within arms reach in the car, but it is well worth it. Enjoy and safe travels!

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