Video Game Addiction: 4 Tips For Making Sure Your Kids Unplug

Video Game Addiction 4 Tips For Making Sure Your Kids Unplug.PNG

Guest Blogger, Kara Masterson

One of the most common challenges that parents face in today’s world is allowing their kids to spend too much time in front of tablets and computers. Instead of spending time outside or being creative, children can spend too many hours playing video games with their technology. To ensure that your kids unplug and have fun in other ways, there are a few important tips to follow as a parent.

Plan Crafts

Make it a point to learn different crafts that your child can make at the dining table or at a desk. Look up crafts online or purchase kits from craft stores with themes that center around upcoming holidays or seasons. Stock your child’s room with crayons, markers, ribbon, and construction paper to ensure that they can continue to be creative when they need a bit of entertainment.

Purchase Outdoor Playsets

Build an outdoor playset that will allow your child to climb, slide, and swing in the backyard with a product that will offer hours of fun. You can purchase a playset that features ladders, bridges, and towers where your kids play pretend and use their imagination. There is definitely nothing better than seeing your kids having a good time playing outside.

Limit Technology Time

It’s important to help your kids break their video game addiction by limiting the amount of screen time that they have. Consider setting rules when it comes to their video game time, which means limiting their activity to 30 minutes a day or even taking away the technology when they’re disciplined. You can also allow them to have breaks from an iPod or their game console by teaching them more about how their video games are actually made.

Sign Up for Leagues

Allow your children to stay physically active and unplug from their video games by signing them up for sports leagues each season. You child can learn how to play softball or spend time on the soccer field on teams where they can work with other players to improve their social skills. They’ll be sure to make new friends and will look forward to getting some fresh air.

Work With Their Love Of Technology

Because your kids love technology so much why not use that love to teach them about useful skills that they can use in their future. You could have them start learning web design or how to code. If they start learning how things like this now, they will definitely have a leg up in the competition. Who knows one day they may even grow up as an entrepreneur of a tech company and be able to work with other organizations such as Ottawa IT Support.

When you want to help your kids unplug and break their video game addiction, there are several steps to take to help them have fun without the use of technology. By introducing your child to other activities and sports, they’ll lose their desire for video games and take an interest in being creative and using their imagination.

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