Top 10 Child Life Memes

Let’s face it, child life specialists encounter some of the craziest things. We’re there to help kids and families cope with challenging and traumatic life experiences in the hospital and community. We love our profession! To avoid burnout and compassion fatigue, we try to instill healthy self-care habits. Humor is usually one of them.

I have been belly laughing for days now reading the memes created by two geniuses in our field.

Enjoy and be sure to follow @Childlifeoffduty and @TheiPadLady

Top 10 Favorites

10. Called a little too late

9. You’re Fine

8. Language is everything

7. Let’s be honest

6. Comfort Holds

5. Really?

4. Time for a chemical peel

3. Liar, liar pants on fire

2. It’s called legacy building


1. We never stop

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