Spotlight on Wagon of Wishes

I’m so excited to share this spotlight today on Wagon of Wishes. The creators, Amy and Ashley are two high school friends of mine that always had a positive impression on others with their big hearts and smiles. They are taking their spunky personalities to the business world now as they launch their Etsy shop, filled with beautiful headpieces for kiddos, furr-babies and mamas.

Meet Amy and Ashley


We are two sisters who have a new found love of crafting. Our Momma is an avid crafter and we are just trying to keep up with her creativity!  We are rural California girls who appreciate the simple things in life. Blowing ‘wishes’ (dandelions) and filling our wagon full of rustic finds…hence the shop name ‘Wagon of Wishes”!

Our items are inspired by the beautiful babies and the loving pooches in our lives as well as the country girl in each of us!
Spotlight on Wagon of Wishes
What we sell:
Aiming to keep Mama, baby and your home decked out, we sell a variety of handmade headbands (for Mama and babe), earrings (for Mama), and home decor (for all)!
We are constantly adding items, so check back often as we are just getting up and running!
Wagon of Wishes Collage

Where you can find us:

Etsy Shop Wagonofwishes. We are hoping to add Instagram and Facebook pages soon!


For every item purchased before the end of August, you will receive an entry into a drawing for a package from Wagon of Wishes! The more you buy, the more chances you have!

Thanks ladies for sharing your shop with us. These are perfect gift ideas for a baby shower, birthday or just because.

Empowering Girls: Spotlight on hey Lucy Jane

I am a strong advocate for letting kids choose what toys they want to play with and not labeling them as “girly” or “for boys only”. Kids should feel empowerment, building their confidence through the choices that they make. This also applies to how they want to dress.

I am very excited to introduce Lori Grow, the owner and creator of hey Lucy Jane, who is helping to empower little girls.


The inspiration for hey LUCY JANE and for the products we sell, first came from my frustration over the available clothing items for my two little girls, as well as the saturation of princesses in mainstream clothing stores. I was constantly finding myself drifting into the boys section of stores and wondering why they get all the cool shirts. I was also frustrated as to why we were constantly teaching our little girls to worship princesses. I understand that little girls are cute, sweet, and pretty as a princess – but shouldn’t we also be teaching them that they are brave, tough, strong, tenacious, athletic, and fearless as well? My goal is that these shirts are not only something neat to wear, but collaboration with other organizations to empower girls at a young age.


About Lori:

I was born and raised in Huber Heights, Ohio and graduated from Miami University with a degree in Secondary Math Education. From there I spent a few years in Chicago before getting married and moving to San Diego. My husband and I lived in Ocean Beach (a small beach community) for 8 years! I continued to teach high school math and coach basketball and cross country until I became a mom. Both of our girls were born in California, but we have recently relocated to Nashville, Tennesee to be closer to our extended family.

Check out all the products at and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In celebration of Child Life Month, Lori will be giving away one “Brave” or “Strong” t-shirt to a lucky winner. Check out the original post “Accessorizing Your Tough Little Girl: Giveaway” to enter.

tough girl giveaway


Spotlight on Plum Polka Dot

I have always cooed at the beautiful headpieces that babies and little girls wear. I have to admit that I have even placed a few bows in my son’s hair, only to have them ripped out within seconds of placement. I’m outnumbered by the boys, but that doesn’t mean I can’t shop for my niece.

I am excited to share a spotlight post on Christina Crowe the owner and creator of Plum Polka Dot.

Photo 2015-02-17, 10 05 35 PM

Bespoke designs for the little miss to wedded bliss & beyond

Long before I decided to launch my own line of handcrafted accessories, known as Plum Polka Dot, I knew that I had a knack for all things creative and crafty.

When I wasn’t working for a major Canadian retailer at both the store and corporate level, I was often found creating one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts for friends and family for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions.

In 2008, my husband and I welcomed our twin sons into the world and quickly became accustomed to life with two boisterous boys. But everything changed when our baby daughter, Julia, joined the family nearly five years later. I soon fell in love with outfitting our ‘little miss’ in beautiful garments and accessories, and was particular about sourcing locally produced, premium quality designs.

Unsuccessful in my search, and armed with a decade of experience in customer service, purchasing and supply chain and project management — and a passion for crafting — I decided to launch my very own line of custom accessories, and thus Plum Polka Dot was born.


Plum Polka Dot offers a wide range of colourful and petal-soft accessories including headbands, hair clips and ties, and maternity sashes that are perfect for special occasions, photo opportunities and everyday use. Our distinctive accessories are ideal for any age — from newborns through to adults — and are lovingly and individually made with a creative touch and a keen eye for the finest details.

plum polka dotFollow Plum Polka Dot on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

Christina has also collaborated with us for Child Life Month and is giving away a $20.00 store credit to the winner. Check out the post Accessorize Your Tough Little Girl: Giveaway to enter.

tough girl giveaway