Legacy Building With My Family

Today is a bizarre day. I’m sitting on a plane heading across the country to see my family.

I’m flying solo without kids to entertain or a husband to talk with.

The flight was booked less than 48 hours ago and I packed one suitcase just for my belongings.

Yesterday, I scrambled to get my house in order, food shop and make sure that I spoke about my separation from the kids for a few days.

So, why an unexpected trip?

My grandpa’s health is rapidly declining and I want to be there for him and my family.

Instead of letting my emotions take over me, I have placed them in a safe place as I focus on thinking of ways to create lasting memories through legacy building activities. Yes, my child life hat is on tight as I talk openly to my kids and parents about what may happen.

I know that through my “work” with them, I am providing myself with a cathartic opportunity to connect to my grandpa and family on a deeper level. I am able to step into the shoes of families that I work with and see it from their point of view.

It puts it all into perspective.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.25.46 AM
Legacy Building Activities with My Kids

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Making “Messy” Memories


I have a Type A personality and love to be organized with a clean house. It is nearly impossible with two small children though. So if you come over unannounced and find the floor covered with toys, snacks and clothes, it probably means the boys had a great day.

Don’t judge me, applaud me.

You should see what it looks like on a sick day!