Abilitee Adaptive Wear Spotlight and Giveaway

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Guest Blogger: Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel, Abilitee Adaptive Wear Co-Founder & Managing Director

When Dr. Julie Sanchez realized her patients were struggling to find cute clothing that fit their various medical needs, she decided to do something about it.

Two years ago, Julie came to me with an idea to create a line of fashionable, functional clothing for children with chronic illnesses and other medical needs. Julie, who I am proud to call my Co-Founder, is a wonderful doctor, mother, and friend. She has always provided the best possible care for her patients, but when she learned of the unique challenges these families face at home, she decided she could do more.

Together, we reached out to families for ideas and inspiration, and began designing adaptive clothing and accessories. In February 2016, we launched AbiliteeAdaptiveWear.com. Each item reflects a synthesis of Julie’s medical expertise, my love for fashion, and real patient feedback. Today, we can proudly say that we offer adaptive clothing that meets a wide range of needs, but doesn’t skimp on style.

Abilitee Adaptive Wear

Our large-size onesies are popular among special needs families, especially those with older children in diapers or wheelchairs, as they fit ages 2-14 years (or adult size small). Clothing adapted for medical accessories – such as feeding tubes, chemo ports, and ostomies – provides quick, easy access to these sites, making daily care more manageable. Sensory chew jewelry offers relief for children who fidget or chew, especially those with autism, sensory sensitivity, or ADHD. Our cute handmade accessories now include tracheostomy pads, feeding tube pads, and stylish “spill scarves,” but we are always adding more!

Our goal is to become everyone’s favorite online destination when it comes to adaptive clothing, but our vision is to open up the mainstream discourse to include individuals with disabilities and medical needs. If you have design suggestions, or want to get in touch, please send us an email or get connected on social media, Facebook ,Twitter  and Instagram.

Abilitee Adaptive Wear Giveaway

We will be giving away an Abilitee Adaptive Wear Spill Scarf to one lucky winner!
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One Mother’s Journey Through Grief is Bringing Hope to Others. Spotlight and Giveaway from Comfy Cozy’s for Chemo

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and it’s the perfect time to share a story of one amazing mom, Lorraine Tallman and her passion to help others through ComfyCozy’s for Chemo.

Lorraine lost her 13-year-old daughter, Amanda, after a 4 year battle with cancer. Amanda hated that she had to constantly lift her shirt for the doctors, interns and nurses to tend to the chemotherapy port in her chest. Before she passed away she helped design a fun tie-dyed shirt that would provide children with modesty, dignity and comfort, while still allowing access to their port. The Comfycozy for Chemo was born.

ComfyCozys Collage

The shirts have angled zippers or buttons that allow the front to flap open and provide access to the port. There is an inside pocket for the port, when not in use, so it doesn’t scratch and irritate a patients skin and slits with snaps to manage all the lines coming out of the port.  The shirts come in size 6 months to Adult 2XL and come in a variety of tie-dyed patterns. There are short and long sleeved shirts, hoodies, dresses and onesies.

Amanda charged her mother with getting the shirts, free of cost, to all pediatric cancer patients.  Lorraine has raised enough money over the past 3 years to give away almost 4,000 shirts! Lorraine is engrained in the community of Phoenix  Children’s Hospital and teaches a class there for doctors and nurses called Dignity for the Journey.  She also sits on the hospital’s Family Advocacy Council .  We are delighted that ProMedica shares Amanda’s dream of keeping children comfortable and providing them dignity in the harsh world of childhood cancer.

ComfyCozy’s are shipped to any patient that does not already have one, connect with us via Facebook or online at Comfycozys.com to receive one. If you would like to sponsor a child or make a donation, click here. If you are interested in volunteering or being added to our mailing list, email Jessie Swygert at J.Swygert@ahras.org.

Be sure to check out Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We will be giving away one tie-dyed logo t-shirt to a lucky winner!
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Empowering Girls: Spotlight on hey Lucy Jane

I am a strong advocate for letting kids choose what toys they want to play with and not labeling them as “girly” or “for boys only”. Kids should feel empowerment, building their confidence through the choices that they make. This also applies to how they want to dress.

I am very excited to introduce Lori Grow, the owner and creator of hey Lucy Jane, who is helping to empower little girls.


The inspiration for hey LUCY JANE and for the products we sell, first came from my frustration over the available clothing items for my two little girls, as well as the saturation of princesses in mainstream clothing stores. I was constantly finding myself drifting into the boys section of stores and wondering why they get all the cool shirts. I was also frustrated as to why we were constantly teaching our little girls to worship princesses. I understand that little girls are cute, sweet, and pretty as a princess – but shouldn’t we also be teaching them that they are brave, tough, strong, tenacious, athletic, and fearless as well? My goal is that these shirts are not only something neat to wear, but collaboration with other organizations to empower girls at a young age.


About Lori:

I was born and raised in Huber Heights, Ohio and graduated from Miami University with a degree in Secondary Math Education. From there I spent a few years in Chicago before getting married and moving to San Diego. My husband and I lived in Ocean Beach (a small beach community) for 8 years! I continued to teach high school math and coach basketball and cross country until I became a mom. Both of our girls were born in California, but we have recently relocated to Nashville, Tennesee to be closer to our extended family.

Check out all the products at heyLucyJane.com and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In celebration of Child Life Month, Lori will be giving away one “Brave” or “Strong” t-shirt to a lucky winner. Check out the original post “Accessorizing Your Tough Little Girl: Giveaway” to enter.

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