Helping Kids Learn About Their Body: “Blood Soup” Spotlight and Giveaway

Child life specialists incorporate play, art, and books to teach kids about their bodies. Many specialists have used an activity called, blood soup to educate and empower kids about their cancer treatment. I was excited to find out that a fellow child life specialist created a storybook to go along with this activity.

Guest Blogger, Jessica Wilfore, CCLS, Author of Blood Soup 

Blood Soup is a dynamic and hands-on educational experience for all children! Readers will be engaged from start to finish, learning of the four components of blood and the reasoning behind a blood draw. Blood Soup empowers children to know more about their bodies and helps take the fear out of blood.

Where to Purchase

Blood Soup is available for purchase at

About the Author

Jessica Wilfore, MS-Ed, CCLS is a Certified Child Life Specialist, educator, and mother who has worked in the hospital setting for several years helping children understand procedures and diagnosis in a developmentally appropriate manner.  She believes that the more children know, the better they can respond. She encourages the use of this book for all children but specifically for those with an upcoming blood draw or new diagnosis (cancer, diabetes, bleeding disorders).

We will be giving away a copy of “Blood Soup” to one lucky winner.

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“Where are you Lydie?” Spotlight and Giveaway

Grief and loss is a journey that many families face, but how do we support young children with a sibling loss? As a child life specialist, I’m always incorporating books, play, and creative arts to help kids process their loss and find outlets for expression. The loss of a sibling through miscarriage, stillbirth, or even as a child can be difficult to understand.

I’m delighted to share a beautiful story written by a bereaved mother, Emma Poore in the honor of her daughter, Lydie.

Images copyright Emma Poore
Guest Blogger, Emma Poore

“Where are you Lydie?” is a special picture book, sensitively written and illustrated for children between 3 and 7 years old. It is a facilitative story and guide for young children and their parents to explore death and bereavement together and to start those difficult conversations or explore the questions that may come up after the death of a baby in a safe and inspiring space. Grandparents, Teachers, Caring Support Professionals, and friends can also share the story as a platform for exploration too.

 SANDS – stillbirth and neonatal death charity in the UK has endorsed this “Where are you Lydie?”

Images copyright Emma Poore
Where to Purchase

You can purchase “Where are you Lydie?” directly from Emma’s website.


“Warm and beautifully illustrated picture book for children about sibling loss and bereavement to support families through the grief of baby loss.” Child Bereavement UK

“A beautifully illustrated storybook for children who have been affected by the loss of a sibling. It’s an honest, sensitive and comforting story about two brothers trying to decide what to do, on what would have been their sister Lydie’s first birthday. A beautiful, engaging and sensitive book, to help make something so hard to talk to children about a little easier – and which would bring comfort to adults reading it too.” The Miscarriage Association

Images copyright Emma Poore
Author Bio

Emma Poore is a children’s author and illustrator with a diverse background in Theatre and Events. Honoring her daughter Lydie and her family’s bereavement journey through the eyes of her young sons, George and Henry, “Where are you Lydie?” is an illustrated picture book for young bereaved siblings affected by the death of a baby brother or sister. Endorsed by Sands – stillbirth and neonatal death charity and recommended by a growing number of bereavement charities and healthcare professionals, Emma’s book continues to be well received by many bereaved families worldwide.

Emma has written and talked about her family’s experience of child grief and sibling loss for The Telegraph, The Independent and various other publications and podcasts. To read her blog, more reviews, and find out more visit  Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Images copyright Emma Poore

We will be giving away a copy of “Where are you Lydie?” to one lucky winner.

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Lulu Faces Loss and Finds Encouragement: Children’s Book Spotlight and Giveaway

You know how much I love adding new resources to support children coping with life’s challenges. I’m so excited to introduce a newly published children’s book, Lulu Faces Loss and Finds Encouragement, written and illustrated by Danica Thurber. This book is a great tool for caregivers, child life specialists, and therapists helping children understand and cope with terminal illness and loss. 

Guest Blogger, Danica Thurber

Eight-year-old Lulu loves her Grandma. But after getting sick with cancer, Grandma can’t go outside and play with Lulu. She has to stay in bed. 

Soon, Grandma gets very weak and loses her hair. Lulu and mom visit Grandma every day they can. In school, Lulu learns how “encouragement” can help people find hope and gain strength. She begins to make and find small “gifts of encouragement” to help Grandma smile. 

Little did she know that Lulu, mom, and grandpa would all need to encourage each other once Grandma was gone.

Helping Children Cope

Give children a way to creatively express their thoughts and emotions about death and grief.

Follow along with Lulu as she navigates her first major loss, and then walks through the first few months of grief, finding support and encouragement along the way. 

Based on the author’s own experience of childhood loss, parents and caretakers will find this book a great support in engaging children in difficult conversations about cancer, hospice, death, and grief.

Best for: Grades K-3

BONUS material inside: instructions for a CRAFT PROJECT just like Lulu makes in the book!

Purchase your paperback or a digital copy on Amazon today.

Learn more at and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Author Bio

Danica Thurber is an artist, children’s book author, and certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. At the age of 12, she began to use art as a mode of therapeutic self-expression, following the sudden death of her father. Danica and her husband live in beautiful Boise, ID. They share a love for art, a passion to help people, and a deep adoration for Midnight, their little black cat. “Lulu Learns Encouragement: A Gift to Share In Times of Loss” is her first published children’s book.


“This beautifully, uncomplicated, and simply stated book is beyond precious in every way. As a mom who has lost a child, explaining grief and ways to help my other young son was a difficult process but this book explains how to encourage those who are grieving in a wonderful way. It truly is a sweet and loving sentiment from any adult to any child. It completely resonates with my life and it will be a permanent addition to our bookshelf!”  

– Vee Anstey

As a teacher, I would certainly add this book to a classroom set for elementary students! Featuring a diverse cast of characters and with a focus on empathy for other people, the story is perfectly set up as a read-aloud, age-appropriate discussion, and includes a practical follow-up activity that empowers kids to take initiative and reach out to others around them who are experiencing illness or loss. 

– Lane (School teacher)

We will be giving away a copy of Lulu Faces Loss and Finds Encouragement to one lucky winner.

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