Seeking support after a loss: Spotlight on Salt Water

Loss is horrible. We all face it, yet it is still a solitary journey of pain, anger, sorrow and sadness. Our heart aches as we physically feel our emotions radiate or maybe we become so numb that we can’t feel anything at all. I want to share a wonderful resource, Salt Water that is providing a community of support to people coping with loss.

Margo Fowkes created Salt Water to provide a safe harbor for people grieving the death of someone they didn’t think they could live without. Her goal is to create a community where grieving souls can support each other by sharing wisdom and ideas and offer hope about creating a life in the aftermath of a devastating loss. It is the website she couldn’t find after her mom and her 21-year-old son, Jimmy died.

Salt Water is open to everyone regardless of what they believe, where they are in the grief process, how they’re feeling or what type of loss they’ve experienced.

Salt Water also provides blog posts, articles and other resources for “the people who love us”, friends and family members who are desperate to help and don’t know how. Margo learned early on that there are no “perfect” or magic words that will bring her son or her mother back. Rather than criticize friends or family members for saying or doing the “wrong” thing, Salt Water offers practical suggestions and encouragement to friends and family along with gentle reminders to those who are grieving that those hurtful comments are often a loved one’s attempt to show how much they care.

By looking for common ground and creating connection, Salt Water enables grievers to help each other heal and build a new life after the loss of a beloved person or pet. As Ram Dass says, “we are all just walking each other home.”

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