I Didn’t Learn This Way in School; The Extinction of Play in Early Education

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What is happening with our education system? Why is there such an emphasis on academics and push to make kids learn in a specific way? Where is all the free play and exploration?

I don’t remember this as a child. For me, school was an exciting place that had a good balance of academics, recess and learning through hands on activities. I developed my communication and social skills, self-confidence, problem solving abilities and felt encouraged by my teachers and peers to push myself.

I certainly wasn’t reading site words, writing sentences and learning math with counters in kindergarten. I wasn’t required to hold a pencil for the majority of my day, to perfect my handwriting skills and to learn in this cookie cutter way.

In fact, I didn’t feel the academic pressure until I entered high school.

My favorite memories in early education were based around play and I feel like my child, along with the others are getting the short end of the stick.

As a Certified Child Life Specialist, I understand child development and know how important play is for kids. It is the way they learn about their world, discover who they are and process their experiences. It comes natural and doesn’t have to be taught. Why would we take away one of the key elements in the way children learn?

What are your thoughts about these changes in education?

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