Coping with Loss on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is usually filled with Hallmark cards, flowers and family gatherings as we celebrate moms who selflessly do their best to care for others. However, I often think about the people who are grieving a loss on this holiday. Trying to move through the day without their mom, grandma or child.

The emotions leading to this holiday are heavy and complex, but you aren’t alone. I see your pain, others see your pain and we want to help. We can acknowledge and witness your feelings and find ways to honor the ones who are no longer here in a special way.


  • Planting a tree or flowers
  • Letting a balloon go with a message attached
  • Wearing the loved one’s favorite color
  • Eating at their favorite restaurant or cooking their favorite meal
  • Going to a place that you often went with them
  • Engaging in their favorite activity
  • Creating a memory box and filling it with things that remind you of them
  • Making a stepping stone
  • Writing a letter to them
  • Drawing a picture
  • On a table cloth- have family and friends write stories or draw pictures
  • Playing their favorite music
  • Sharing stories about them

Maybe this year you create a new tradition and help your heart heal. Remind yourself that you don’t have to walk this journey of grief alone.

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9 thoughts on “Coping with Loss on Mother’s Day

  • Love the recognition of this topic and the ideas for establishing a new tradition. Would like all to reconsider balloon releases as they impact the environment tremendously. Thanks.

  • My friend posted this today, and these words are beautiful, true, and exactly what my heart needed today.

    -Mama I Know-
    Mama I know you’re hurting now that i’m gone
    Mama I know that these feelings just feel so wrong
    I know that the earth can be a cold cold place
    Mama I know you just want to see my little face
    I know that your heart is hurting like a bruise that wont go away
    Mama I know that we will miss a few memories along the way.
    Mama I know that we seem so far in this distance
    Mama I know that living without me might even feel ridiculous
    Mama I know all of these things and maybe even more
    I watch you from heaven, God says its my only chore.
    But tell me mommy, do you understand?
    Do you know who I spend my days with, the big Holy Man?
    Do you remember what they told you, in church on those Sundays?
    Did you hang onto those words that told you all I do is just play?
    Because its true momma, I like to play
    I like to worship, and I like to pray.
    I like to tell God that you are my favorite
    He says that although I’m not there, I am still your angel.
    He says he once had to give up his own,
    Although he knew the reasons, he felt slightly alone.
    He knows all that will happen, and sometimes he pains
    Just to know that you’re crying, but I will see you again!
    Mama I know that you know these things, but guess what? So do I.
    I know these things and more because he tells me your story from the sky.
    -C. Rivas