Family Fun: 6 Service Projects To Do With Your Kids

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Guest Blogger, Kara Masterson

Doing service projects together as a family has benefits for selected organizations and for kids. By volunteering and doing specially chosen projects, kids learn things like:

– How to identify connections between local issues and things happening globally

– Awareness of and compassion for others while learning to be selfless

– How to make decisions and solve problems while working with others

– Realizing just how blessed and fortunate they are

– The good feelings experienced from helping others

– Positive feelings of being true global citizens

-How To Be Involved in their community

Kids who do service projects know that they can have an impact on the world. They may be so influenced by these positive experiences from childhood, this can inspire them to do well in school. Who knows, one day they might even aspire to bigger things like earning a masters degree in international relations!

Six Service Projects For Families

Service projects can be done either on a small or large-scale. Watching news together as a family and discussing world or local events can be a catalyst and inspiration for ideas for good service projects. Here are six fun project ideas:

1. Sponsor A Child

Someone from another part of the world who can use help. Collect and send things they need and have children send letters, homemade cards and drawings to their chosen child.

2. A Food Drive

Whether it’s throughout the neighborhood or locally, to help collect much-needed food for homeless and less fortunate people.

3. Raise Money For Worthy Causes

Causes can be global or local and can include things like children’s hospitals, or even working in conjunction with police and fire departments to help kids in crisis situations. Ways to raise money can include lemonade or other stands, yard sales or bake sales.

4. Helping The Homeless And Less Fortunate

Collect items like new warm socks, bottles of water and snacks to distribute to homeless shelters.

5. Homemade Cards

Cards brighten up any day when they’re made for and given to people in senior care facilities, military members or people in hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

6. Natural Disaster Relief

Every year there are natural disasters all across the world. Luckily, there is so much you can do to help! If there is a disaster near you, you can help out with clean-up. OF for disasters in other places you can send in needed supplies. Luckily there is a lot of new technology out there to help with things like this, so you aren’t alone.

Rewards of Philanthropy

Kids who learn about rewards of philanthropy at a young age often grow up to be selfless and giving individuals as adults. They have compassion and empathy for those less fortunate and will be quick to volunteer services when needed.

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