Family Food Storage: Why Your Family Should Have a Garden

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Guest Blogger, Lizzie Weakley

If you want to eat as healthy as possible while teaching the family about responsibility, then consider growing a garden in the yard. The garden is a way for you to monitor what your family eats. It can also turn a bit of a profit if you grow enough vegetables and other types of produce.

Lower Grocery Bill
If you’ve shopped at a grocery store lately, then you know that fresh produce has a high price tag. When you plant a garden, you can get seeds at a low price, growing vegetables and fruits at a fraction of the price that you would spend at the grocery store. When you aren’t spending money on these items with the regular grocery bill, you’ll start to see a drop in how much you spend each month.

When you have your own garden, you will know what materials are used to make it grow. You could simply plant the seeds in the ground and rely on the sun along with your water source to make the seeds grow, but there is another option. Companies like Nature Safe have fertilizers that are safe for the environment as well as the products that you grow. This allows you to have fresh items that are free of the chemicals that are sometimes used on items that you get in the grocery store. Since there is a lack of pesticides and other chemicals, you’ll be doing the health of the family a favor.

Teaching About Nature
Your children can help in every aspect of the garden. They can create rows for the garden and plant the seeds. This is a good time to teach them about nature and how plants grow with the help of the sun, water and bees. While they are learning about nature, children can also learn about healthy living. These are ideas that they can carry on to their adulthood, passing down gardening traditions and techniques to their own children.

Always Have Food

When you have a garden, you will usually have a food source, even when you can’t get to the grocery store. As the produce comes in, you can store the items by canning them. This will allow you to keep a substantial amount of food for months ahead. You could also sell some of the produce that you have to make a little extra money for the family.

A garden is ideal for teaching and maintaining life. It’s a way for everyone to learn about the safety of growing produce and how it can be good for the body. You’ll also be able to save money that would be spent on expensive items at the grocery store.

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